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YouTube 2022 Edition: Travel 2

Well, know how last list had almost all Carpetbagger videos? Whelp, it's all his videos on this list too. We watch a LOT of his videos, it also helps that he uses vlogging as a means of therapy resulting in almost a video every day. He travels QUITE a bit, driving all over the country and even into Canada here and there. He is the channel you visit to see what vacations spots you may want to add to your bucket list. The country has so many attractions that deserve more recognition and visitors but need the reach to spread awareness. These also double as documentaries as some are gone or have completely changed within a year. He does this well and we are so eager to travel across the country!

House on the Rock Part 1: The House Itself and the Streets of Yesterday

This is such a cool location! The location is gigantic and required THREE separate videos to cover most of it. If John and I had the chance to collect and build in a location for years....our place would look like this. Actually, we are already thinking that whatever home we move into we end up just building so that in 10 years it can be used as a tourist attraction of our art and experiments.

Thanks to Carpetbagger who has inspired us to try and take that route if life so allows us to. We really enjoyed these videos and hope you do too! This place is full of creativity and fun and wonder. We really hope we can create something as exciting that people would WANT to come see it!

I don't think I need to go into each part of the video do I? I'll just skip down to the next location then!

House on the Rock Part 2: Heritage of The Sea, The Carousel and Endless Collections

House on the Rock Part 3: Dolls, The Circus and a Full Mannequin Orchestra

Ripley's Haunted Adventure - San Antonio, TX

TW: Flashing lights

I LOVE Ripley's...well anything. Except ironically haunted houses and dark rides which this is. Now I don't see horror and gore as something "fun" and I understand there are CERTAIN people that find this enjoyable. I have a friend who loves horror and gore art and it just makes her happy. So to each their own. HOWEVER! Their care to details on the stage, the set up, the actors, the lighting, the timing etc are what I pay attention to. I do like seeing the care and thought put into the scene and atmosphere. The artwork is pretty good too and placed pretty well around. Jacob in this video goes also into a wax museum which slides right into another haunted area. I do like some of the interactives and sudden surprises that keep the alertness up!

I can understand if this isn't for you, don't think you're missing out if you don't like it and head on to the next one!

I Slept Inside the World's Largest Potato

Ok so not something SPECTACULAR but John and I found it hilarious with Carpetbagger sleeping in a potato...that barely fit him. The inside looked quite nice with an interesting history on how it ended up here and as a location you can rent a night in.

Also he stops by a locations that sells fries from about 6 different types of potatoes and we WANT!! Purple potatoes? Yam? Golden? WE WANT THEM ALL! Some of them can be fried in different forms which would mean more choices to try. Anyone want to have a fry party with us? =9 We can bring a variety of potatoes and create a variety of dipping sauces and just have fun! Who's up for this?

Museum of Clean - Pocatello, ID

This was a better museum that we thought it would be. Quite impressive and put together with a lot of care. I think I learned quite a bit from the video but we STILL want to go. They surprisingly have a LOT of recycle/upcycle art which is exciting when done right. And they have a lot of unique and communicative ideas. Who would've thought that a video we were just going to watch to pass the time ended up being an exciting location to go see and experience? Definitely watch this one! There is SO MUCH TO SEE!!

White Raven Trading Co. - Curiosity Shoppe and Museum of the Strange

Ok so mixed feelings about this. Because we get REALLY stressed out with certain people...the host (though very noticably passionate about his place) is very taxing and grating for us. On top of that, this place has SO MUCH to see and they are pausing so long on an item here and there that we only *kinda* care about. We also watch these videos to hear from Jacob who is a bit more level when he talks. I tend to take on emotions too much from the people I listen to so his energy basically zaps mine. Introvert to the MAX if it's even from a video!! We love the place and see how much love and care the dude has. We greatly appreciate it but his energy is kinda what kills it for us. Still, highly recommend viewing the video and possibly stopping by to see more of it! We know we still want to!

Museum of Quackery at the Minnesota Science Center

Odd excitement but the part where he shows the "Sands of the World" got me really excited to see! I LOVE those little bottles and love collections of things following a set theme. The variety and locations from each are amazing! I love to learn about the small pieces of sand and the differences each locations has based on the rocks, creatures, trash that reside in that area. I can't explain fully why that display gets me happy but it does. One day I hope to collect something like that to display proudly! I already tried starting to collect some from where John and I visit but I've already forgotten to bring those mini bottles to like 5 of those locations. We aren't very good at remembering to prepare ahead of time. But I digress. This place is so cool and exciting. To see the experiments and ingenuity (albiet intentions probably misplaced) in history is fascinating. The progress humans go through in such a short amount of time! Also highly recommend watching this video fully!


We really enjoyed the one time we went to a Meow Wolf's art experience in New Mexico and loved the whole theme/idea of the attraction. Otherworld is very much like that and we are both very excited to go and see it all. I love the idea of the art creating a biome that you can experience and interact with. The artwork and imagination coming to life excites both me and John to create something like this. I already do have a small idea of incorporating this concept into a different project. So watching these videos helps me hammer out details and ideas. You'll have fun with this one!

Ark Encounter - Full Sized Noah's Ark Replica - Dinosaurs Inside!

This. Is. So. Cool. So both John and I great up reading the Bible and everyone knows the story of Noah and the Ark. As a kid, I didn't and couldn't grasp the sizing it was taught and this helps give such an indepth description and visual examples of what was taught all these years. How the Ark must've been built based on the details in the story, the materials, the sizing, the animals, the construction, the preparation for all living beings etc. It also compares other possible water crafts that were said to have also survived but very little evidence proves they did as well as that the craft they are pushing could survive the recorded floods. The scale would be MASSIVE if the world flooded and the waves far bigger than most boats we have ever seen could manage.

I did want to point out that there was a portion in the Ark that wanted to point out the disservice to children with their 'cutesy children's Noah and the Ark' books. Growing up I am noticing this 'disconnect'. I remember goign to sunday school and being shown those 'PG' stories with the happy animals, Noah and his family getting off the boat really excited to have land again. Everything seemed so gung-ho.

Except it wasn't. Everyone they grew up with and they knew was wiped out. Everyone (but them) was killed. No else one survived. Even the ANIMALS were basically wiped out. How is that a go-happy story? Now I don't agree that you tell young babies about the details of death, but to lie to them that a flood wouldn't kill people is a disservice in perparing them for the world. The AMOUNT of depth you go into what happened would increase as the child grew older and was ready to take on that information. This varies from child to child but it's an insult to not prepare them for life. This also goes along with all other historical events as well. Stories and history is important to teach lessons so that it doesn't repeat their atrocities or that you prepare the next generation to make sure it NEVER repeats by noticing the signs and knowing how to act. I digress again. So sorry.


But that concludes this part two of the Travel List! We hope you enjoyed at least a few of these videos. Which of these would you go to most? Which one taught you the most?

We hope you join us for the next installment! =)

We got this out at least on the right day! Past week was just stressing about a large comission we are working on and the Artisan Market at Who Gives a SCRAP. So I just have a bit of energy to get this done. Have a great weekend!

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Sally Piette
22 juil. 2023

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