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2022 YouTube Faves Edition: Food 1

Well, the month already is flying by and I can't say I'm too happy this is late. But it wasn't like we had been wasting our time and in fact, have been far more productive than this same time last year! When I said that our productivity drops 30%...what I meant was that it drops to 30%. We are getting hit hard with depression since the cold and time change have really thrown us off. But still trying to keep this pattern going.

So let's get started!

For those new to this, every year we collect our favorite videos that we come across on YouTube. We only really watch YouTube because it's free (for now)...and some content creators just haven't released elsewhere. At the end of the year, we curate our list and share them the following year based on noticeable topics. This is kind of an experiment for us to see what sort of topics we overall love to follow over the years and a way to see what new spikes of interest may have formed during that specific year. We have done this since 2018 I believe so feel free to check out our other posts for those videos too!

This month we are focusing on FOOD!!! Let's not waste too much time and begin:

Thriving on $1 a Day in Africa!! Africa’s Apocalypse Man!!

For those with squeamish stomachs, I would probably not recommend watching this video. But it gives such a fascinating look into another culture and lifestyle that helps round out our perspectives of the world. This is normal for them and we should get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The world runs far from our likes and dislikes into the unknown. Highly recommend watching this if you can. There is just so much to learn!

African Tribes Try American Candy!! Guess Which One They HATE!!

Another BEFRS video because...well their videos are top-notch. We enjoy this fascinating take on food. Sonny from the Best Ever Food Review Show occasionally interacts with villages to let them try and give their opinions on various familiar treats we in America enjoy daily. For where these people live, do they have any context or reference for these flavors? Some answers may surprise you! Always a fun watch!

Tiger Skin Eggs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cooked Yolks

After we watched this video I insisted John make more of these. We enjoyed them immensely and were so surprised that we hadn't seen or tried these before! These are DELICIOUS and add another layer of elegance to even the cheapest of ramen. May be worth the effort. Watch. Learn. Try!

Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms

This is just a fun and ridiculous rabbit hole over the lore and background of M&M's. IF you have time to spare and love M&Ms, then you'll love to watch this! Makes you realize what kind of thought trail you'd end up on if you let your bored mind wander for too long on these tasty treats~

Food Theory: How to BEAT the Buffet (Food Theory's Lost Episode)

He made some great points if you are interested in tackling an upcoming buffet visit. Or are you going to be the one interested in testing his theory? John and I were quite interested in trying this next time there is going to be a buffet! Or do you have a method of tackling this already? What do YOU do?

Can you Make Chicken Soup in an Espresso Machine? (NSE)

Both hilarious and gross. Short video and very entertaining. Enough said!

WORST Day in Egypt!! Camel Cooking Disaster!!

Very surprising the struggles he was encountering in Egypt and quite disappointed at how society there has handled videos being shot there. With how much effort it was taking to just do one video, even we didn't care much about having Sonny suffer through the struggle to get a glimpse of their current society or learn about their cultural past. It just wasn't worth it as so many other cultures are willing to share their stories freely. We would recommend watching this video to see how much Sonny and his team had to go through just to shoot this one video! Go show them your support~


Funny. Just funny. Even Jamie Oliver has been kind of a joke in our family too. Especially his "Yee-ayah!" expression. It's fun to use ironically. We are also amused by Uncle Roger's bit on hating Jamie Oliver. We don't hate him per se. But we are hurt by his blatant rewrite of cultural classics. It's fine to make a dish however you want...but claiming the recipe you are doing is the traditional dish is insulting. So, a slight mock is in order. Still a funny video with Uncle Roger throwing in his bit.

Roti Canai: Secret to SOFT & FLAKY flatbread, just like in Malaysia

This video and the next video are about the same topic but you can watch and compare the slight differences based on the chef. We tend to watch a few videos on topics we like to watch (about three) to get the gist of the common thread between them all. Then understand WHY each does theirs with the other details if they are based on preferences or perhaps situations (i.e. high altitude cooking vs low altitude cooking). Then John usually goes off on his own and experiments based on his knowledge of ingredients and some of the chemical reactions that are expected to occur. I mostly just get to enjoy the deliciousness because I don't have the patience or attention span to make food.

How To Make Beautiful Butter Roti by Hand | Flaky Asian Flatbread Recipe

Either way, we hope if you love to cook or love food, please watch and enjoy these videos! Let us know if you happen to make either of these recipes or you yourself have your own!

Another list of lovely food videos coming up!

Hopefully next week's will be on time. Cross your fingers~

Have a great week!

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