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Who We Are

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Two individuals on the autism spectrum pushing our boundaries, we acknowledge the real challenges of sensory overload, yet remain committed to exploring and understanding the world around us. This journey is both a challenge and an adventure that we're excited to etch into our lifetime of memories. Join us in this exploration, as we venture into new realms and delve deeper into the history and intricacies of our natural world.

Passionate about science, we're determined to absorb knowledge through our senses. John's academic focus lies in the hard sciences, while Michelle's leans towards the soft sciences; both realms of knowledge complement each other harmoniously. Join us for an enlightening and laughter-filled experience as we unveil fascinating facts about this incredible world!


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John enjoys various topics ranging from how certain chemicals react together to the distant archives about bog iron. He tends to enjoy many digital activities (drawing, games, and research) to hands-on projects involving painting, drilling, carving, and much more. He loves to spend time and do projects with his wife Michelle. Where his strengths are cover her weaknesses.

Lvl. 26


+Social Interaction


Artist Profile

A self-taught artist, his art rarely reflects other art styles and is very abstract. The majority of his pieces are unplanned and are raw reflections of the medium and the canvas.

Favorite mediums include pen on paper, oil paint pens, colored pencils, and digital art. He also has branched out to make art with resin, carved wood, recycled material sculptures, and various other mediums.


“Art is not meant to be for the viewer to enjoy, but rather a way for the artist to visualize an invisible feeling or emotion. It is not something that should be explained or interpreted, as it should mean something different to each viewer depending on where they are emotionally and spiritually. To add a description or an explanation cheapens the experience and will influence the viewer's perception.” ~John

Michelle has a smaller range focusing mostly on psychology, sociology, art, therapy, and organization. Though she has tons of various projects on her list at all times, she has just recently learned how to start completing projects with ADHD/ADD. She greatly enjoys spending time with her husband and doing various projects with him. Where her strengths are cover his weaknesses.

Lvl. 33


+Executive Functioning



Artist Profile

Michelle has been creating art since literally in diapers. Unable to sit still and just watch TV, she began with polymer clay creations and drawing as her first media choices. As years passed, she stretched out to try multitudes of various media out there from painting, origami, fiber arts, papermaking, photography, and whatever she could get her hands on. During struggles with isolation due to a then-unknown diagnosis of Autism, art became an outlet to help process the world and was gently used as coping art therapy. Through the ups and downs of going through domestic violence and recovering from trauma, art became a heavy necessary staple in processing and expressing her world. Now, though still heavily influenced by those incidences, art has become a method of trying to communicate with others while doubling as a familiar comfort process. Her current favorite creations focus on papermaking, resin pouring, drawing with oil paint pens, photography, and digital artwork. Her favorite themes include space, eyes, wings, vibrant colors, and the flow of patterns.

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We hope to share our enjoyment with you in hopes you are as happy with the experience as we have been!

Our list comprises of [Books], [TV Shows]. [YouTube Channels], [Movies], [Music], [Anime], [Food], [Board Games], and [Videogames] for now. If more ideas pop up we will add them! Each list is not the exhaustive list of what we watched nor what we would recommend. So check back every few months to see what is added.

What do you think you would like to try from our list? If you do, let us know!

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