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2022 YouTube Faves Edition: Food 2

More food! Aren't we all just so excited? I'm trying to do better and get this one out on time. We shall see how this goes. I thought this month would be easier to slip into writing but it's almost midway through the month and I'm BARELY writing. So many visual projects around me need to be done (or moved out of sight) so I can not be distracted. It's a lot bigger interference than I'd like to accept. But it is what it is.

Anyways, on to the food. That's the main point:


Not sure if you know who Uncle Roger is, but it's a character Nigel came up with and does shows/bits roasting various people on their cultural dishes. Well, at least when he is criticizing other videos for failing their recipes, he can prove that he CAN make a proper version fit as a cultural dish. Impressive sometimes that he does know how to cook. Also he's fun to watch. May not be 100% kosher for kids under 18+ so probably watch first. =)

Bizarre Indian Street Food Combinations!! Old Delhi Secret Menu!!

This is just SO COOL! And not because it's ice cream. Ok well not JUST because it's ice cream. The method and the results are something we need here in the US. Anyone you know makes this or has seen this available? John and I need to try this ASAP! Highly recommend watching. I would go to a fair or event just for this!

WORST Food I’ve Tried!! SHOCKING African Tribal Food of the Datoga!!

Well, there are some dishes we aren't quite as keen on tasting. Visual was enough. Though it is still such a great idea to watch and learn about others as much as possible. Another video we don't recommend if you have a weak stomach. But highly recommend this chance of learning about other's normal lives!

Victorian Ice Cream & The Queen of Ices

Lovely history about the Queen of Ice Cream and flavors you never knew you wanted to try until now. Never thought about Cucumber Ice Cream but that sounds like such a refreshing bite during a hot day doesn't it? What has been some crazy flavor that you found out was delicious? I came across Ube ice cream as a teen and it is one of my top favorites! Very naturally purple too!


I mean any video with Uncle Roger is going to be funny. So safe to say if you find him funny then you'll really like this video! Another..not recommended for those under 18 as some innuendos are a little pushing it.

Food Theory: Froot Loops and Apple Jacks Are SECRETLY The Same!

I mean, how many of us are actually surprised? Just like some store brands are the same product as other labeled brands but with the store's brand label. But just how many of the types of cereal out there are the same? This was a fun video experiment and would be fun to do with kids as a taste test! (Though I know for me as a kid, that may have crushed me that reality lied about differences)...

1950's Fish Pudding

If you haven't heard of Max Miller, well you should. His videos are very comforting and informative with deep dives into the history of various dishes. Though you probably already watched the cucumber ice cream one above so know that his videos are also top-notch. The pudding from this video at first sounded really shocking and gross...but maybe..? Gotta try it? Let us know if you would or wouldn't!

Where Did Cheese Really Come From?

Yes, what else did you think you needed today? Everyone loves cheese and here you can learn quite a bit about it. You'll thank us later. Honestly I was genuinely surprised how many different types of cheese there are out there. On the flip many types of cheese exist but wediscovered it yet haven't ?

$6 Goat VS $350 Goat!! Vietnam Has Gone Too Far!!

Yes. Delicious. It looks so good and they are such a fun pair. Their hilarious chemistry makes the show more fun to watch. I've now had a goal of cutting food with a plate rather than any silverware! Hope you enjoy a cultural dish that has been around for generations~

Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit

I. Love. Eggs. So this lovely range of egg preparations for me to try is going to be such a delicious experiment. 59 methods is FAR more than I thought was possible but here we are, Think you can add more?


Well I'm honestly really surprised these videos haven't been taken off of YouTube. We have been noticing how many videos of ours had gone missing from playlists, how many videos that we liked had been 'unliked', and how few new videos from certain creators have been put up and kept up, We will have to see how long we can keep up this list.

Hope you enjoyed these lists! We will be throwing in one more list that meant for this month anyway. So yay! More!

See you next post!

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