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YouTube 2022 Edition: Learning 3

The third and last segment of the "Learning" list from our YouTube 2022 Edition! If you are just joining us, every year we save to a playlist all of our top favorite videos we came across on YouTube (because it's free). Then at the end of the year, curate them into lists and share them the following year! I think we are in year 3 of this tradition and hope to continue for quite a while.

As you can tell, the topic is "learning" which we think is a decent variety provided here. Read through and see if any immediately stand out to you that you would want to watch first. Then scroll through again and find out which of the list interested you the least. Why?

Highly recommend you try watching at least a few minutes of each to just check it out and get an idea that at least this EXISTS. Sometimes it helps to just be aware that this video and topic 'existed during my existence'. It's kind of a stamp in time! Plus you begin to really see the world is much bigger than even the Internet can connect. There are pockets of people, living existences and going through situations we had no idea about until by chance a reference of it a decade later brings it up for 15 seconds. Then we see the gravity of their reality and how it is shared with yours. We have been encountering that year after year and want people to constantly be looking beyond anything they are familiar with. There is so much to learn and the world is so exciting!

Anyways on to the list!


This video offers a glimpse into World War II-era U.S. Marine Corps basic training. It focuses on hand-to-hand combat techniques, specifically club and knife fighting. During this tumultuous time in history, military personnel underwent rigorous training to prepare them for combat situations. This film provides insight into the training methods and combat skills emphasized during that period.

Hand cut, throat slash, and jab. The art of hand-to-hand combat was a critical skill needed in the World War II-era military, with a small but significant amount of fighting done in incredibly close quarters. Knowing how to use a knife or club could be the difference between coming home or not, so the Marine Corps made several series of videos to help train the troops. Although it may seem very harsh and brutal, these techniques were life-saving to our troops and helped us to win in one of the most bloody conflicts of our recorded history.

We came across this channel that archives and shares historical clips for our enjoyment and learning. Can you see or notice some now outdated information in these videos? It's amazing that this was used in our military...and that people had to act out and record these! It's a weird connection between us now and them in the past. Some of these ended up being kind of the next one:


"First Leave" is a social guidance training film from 1943 designed for U.S. Navy recruits during World War II. The film emphasizes the importance of adhering to military protocols and not going AWOL (Absent Without Leave). It provides guidance on how new recruits should conduct themselves during their initial leave, emphasizing the need for responsibility and discipline during a critical time in their military service.

These films offer a historical perspective on military training and social guidance during World War II, shedding light on the challenges and expectations faced by servicemen and women during that era.

This is such a funny video. Obviously, it depicts some terrifying consequences but the whole video itself is fun. Still, wrapping my head around about how many people were shown this? Ones that signed up and joined the military. Those that may have retired from the military and STILL remember this? Art can have some interesting threads all throughout time.

The next one is similar to the previous two in that it is from the same channel. However, the next one is a general safety video which I think you may find funnier than this one!


This vintage construction safety training film from the 1970s takes us back in time to emphasize the importance of safety on the job. It reminds us of the progress made in workplace safety regulations and the role of hard hats in preventing head injuries.

I mean doesn't the thumbnail already make you want to watch it? What more can we say?


Walt Disney's involvement in World War II extended beyond entertainment. Explore this intriguing WWII cartoon that served a dual purpose: entertaining troops and educating them about the importance of camouflage in the Army Air Forces.

Walt Disney released this. I'm still....trying to wrap my head around this too. Would recommend you watch this one!

The Evolution of Speculative Evolution

Dive into the realm of speculative evolution, a fascinating field where science fiction and biology collide. This video takes us on a journey through the imaginative world of creatures that might have been, exploring how science and creativity intersect.

We enjoyed this one and it was more just for fun. Michelle is still forming a world-building story so watching and picking up information here and there has taken us across some interesting finds. If you want something more artsy and scientific, this may be for you!

Diamond Annie and the Forty Elephants - The All-Female Gang That Terrorized London

London's history is not without its intriguing tales, including the story of the Forty Elephants, an all-female gang that made waves in the early 20th century. Discover the captivating history of these notorious women and their criminal activities.

Black Diamond and her gang known as the "Forty Elephants" terrorized London with their daring and well-thought-out robberies. How did they get away with it for so long and why weren't they caught after being identified? Learn all about the fascinating history of one of London's most notorious female criminal gangs of the early 20th century.

This was just a fun documentary that told us an eye-opening story of some impressive women. Not much to say except we highly recommend learning about them!

How Did Each U.S. State Get Its Name?

Ever wondered about the origins of U.S. state names? This video offers an educational and entertaining journey through the history and stories behind how each state got its unique name, adding depth to our understanding of American geography.

Have you wondered why some states have such confusing names that seem completely out of place compared with the states around them? This video will help to break down each name, its origin, and when it was officially named. America is definitely a melting pot, and it's clearly apparent when looking at our state names. With names coming from different Indian tribal languages, French, Spanish, and English, we have a wide diversity of backgrounds that helped to make up the country we now know and love.

We enjoyed this video. Pretty sure we had a video like this before (or watched one) but enjoyed the editing on this one too. It's fun to go through more historical information about where we live (for us in the USA). Why couldn't school have been fun like this?

Filling Blind

In 2009, the Caribbean Petroleum (CAPECO) terminal near San Juan, Puerto Rico, became the site of a massive explosion. This CSB Safety Video, "Filling Blind," unravels the events as gasoline overflowed from a storage tank, creating a 107-acre vapor cloud that ignited. While there thankfully were no fatalities, the explosion damaged around 300 nearby homes and businesses, and the petroleum-contaminated the environment. Flames from the explosion could be seen from as far as eight miles away, serving as a stark reminder of the critical importance of safety measures in the petrochemical industry.

The CAPECO terminal explosion underscores the need for stringent safety protocols and vigilance in the petrochemical sector. "Filling Blind" urges us to learn from this event and emphasizes the profound impact that lapses in safety can have on lives, communities, and the environment.

We love USCSB videos and will ALWAYS recommend watching theirs whenever another comes out. Neither of us worked in, wanted to be, or knew of anyone in this industry but it fascinates us all the same. Why we still ask for you to give them a try if you haven't already decided you were going to! They do so well to explain and break down the situation of what happened and how it happened. Also, what could have been fixed. After watching these videos, we began to look at pipes a bit differently and now want to take into account: what are the ages of these materials? What substances are interacting with said materials to impact it's deterioration rate? When was the last time this has been inspected? Have the protocols in upkeep maintenance been updated and addressed? So many more things to be aware of...for Michelle this ties into her long-term hospital plan! If thinking about the existence of buildings lasting for decades, how can we make sure that everything is periodically checked and updated as needed? This will need to be mandatory in building maintenance.

Every Tornado Type - A Complete List of Whirlwinds

A fire tornado? Nature's fury is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. This video offers a comprehensive overview of different tornado types, educating us about the various whirlwinds that can occur in our world and the science behind them.

This was fun. Just exciting fun. Take your kid or grab a buddy and just watch this. So informative and a great way to see how AMAZING our world's weather can get in specific settings! How many of these tornadoes have you personally seen? Would you be willing to see them again in person?


And that concludes this month's lists! Out of this list, which interested you the most that actually got you to immediately watch? Out of all three lists from this month, which one still stands as connecting with you most? From what you learned, have you been able to apply any of that knowledge to your life?

Well, I know today's post is a little late. Things got busy and we had to rest before other plans. But we still managed to post it on the right day so we will still take it as a win! Lots of excitement to share in our monthly blog update so please keep an eye out for that!

Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

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