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YouTube 2022 Edition: Take Me Out Show (Irish Edition)

Another month and a new list! If you are new to this, every year we collect our favorite videos on YouTube and then curate them into smaller lists to share throughout the following year. Each month will be focusing on a different topic, some months having more lists posted than others. Such as this month.

There is a reason there are only four this month. It's supposed to be an introduction for you to this show (and this version of the show). You may not want to watch CallMeKevin cover it, so you'll want to look for the original show on your own. There should be some channels with just the episodes.

But Kevin was the one who introduced us to this show and then we had to binge-watch ALL OF THE EPISODES. If you get offended easily or can't handle straightforward may want to avoid this. They are QUITE blunt on some aspects and this show would be quickly canceled if released during these days. Also, this was luckily hosted and released in Ireland so we get to see a bit of insight into their realm of humor! We love their humor and would love to show this joy to anyone who needs a reason to smile.

Pop this on and enjoy your day! Whether you are with someone or alone this Valentine's day, this show doesn't matter. If anything, you may be happy to be with the person you are dating/married to, or make you happy that you AREN'T dating some of these people. Their personalities were wild and gave such a fun show we really wished they would bring it back. We can only hope. Especially hoping that this specific host comes back. He helps add to the show, doesn't he?

Watching Take Me Out: Irish dating show | 2021-03-20

Watching Take Me Out: Irish dating show | 2021-03-23

Take Me Out (Ireland) Episode 06 Full Fri 19th Nov 2010

Take Me Out Ireland Series 4 - Friday, 4 January 2013

I don't think I needed to write anything under each. They all are connected in some way and I think you get the flow of the show after the first round. We have an odd sense of humor in that we thought this list (or just this show) would be the best to share in the month of Valentine's. Either way, we hope you enjoyed watching this show as much as we did. We still have cravings every so often to watch this again. The creators, the show set up, the host, the participants...just all of it has this odd and cringey charm.

Sorry, these aren't in order but we recommend you try looking for the whole series on your own to watch anyway. Have fun and share the laughs with someone you know!

This is the only list for the month since this is a short month and this show has quite a few episodes to fill the days. We will see you next month with the next theme: Animals!

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