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YouTube 2022 Edition List Learning 1

Well, we apologize for the lateness of this post. This weekend was way too busy and with a lot of health struggles and responsibilities. So when our first free moment was at 4pm on a Sunday, we decided to take that and rest when we could. (We, after all, only get rest about once a week on a scheduled free day and not nightly like normal people). Then Monday flew by as we tried to catch up and I didn't realize I didn't work on this until about 9pm that night. So we thought it would be ok to smidge this one and release it on a Tuesday. =) We have been trying to put our self-care first so thank you for your patience!

This list has so many videos we would highly recommend. Start with whatever catches your eye and keep going from there. Even watching the first couple of minutes to see if it grabs you would be encouraged by us. Hope you enjoy and learn quite a bit from these!

Simultaneous Tragedy: Fire at Evergreen Packaging

We came across this channel a while back and the quality of their videos (as well as the topics) were so fascinating we couldn't turn away. Though a lot of them were about tragedies, there were details and steps on how to prevent these in the future. We are in an era where we overlook the age and quality of the tools/materials at old companies we work with and are shocked when they easily collapse causing a catastrophe.

Watching videos about accidents in unsafe working conditions is very eye-opening. From poor industry standards, bad safety advice implementation, negligence, and straight-up ignorance of proper safety protocols, the videos from USCSB will definitely make you think differently about work safety and work accidents.

This video in particular is about a tragic accident that resulted from poor hazard awareness and ended up costing several lives. By increasing awareness of risks like this one, we hope to reduce the amount of accidents in the future.

You don't need to know ANYTHING about these industries such as their existence, their history, or how they work but you'll learn a lot about how dangers can grow right next to you when a quality check has not been properly performed. Highly recommend watching at least one of their videos.

Police Manipulate A Liar During An Interrogation | JCS Inspired

Okay so JCS or Jim Can't Swim is one of the top criminal case investigation channels out there. Their structure and breakdown of events through videos and narration really help bring to your attention the amount of details cops need to address and be aware of when dealing with victims, potential perpetrators, and actual perpetrators. There are a few other channels that have tried to copy this style, and do well, but aren't JCS! (They will state whether they are JCS-inspired in their bios/descriptions) We have had their videos on our list before and will continuously add them. They put a LOT of time and effort into each so they may release one video every few months. It's well worth it.

Is it funny to say that after a while, you start being able to pick up certain behaviors that land people in these positions? It's also a little funny to say that we can recognize certain mental health issues that may have pushed them to make these decisions and take action. A lot of these could be growing up without being taught properly, while some could just be reactions from prior trauma they have experienced. But no matter what their story is, this chapter of their life says enough.

The Strange Thing That Turns Grasshoppers Into Locusts

Did you know that locusts are grasshoppers? Well, not quite, but grasshoppers turn into locusts under the right conditions. Weird right? Learn more about this unique and slightly terrifying transformation. I bet you'll never look at grasshoppers the same way again after watching this video! This was so much fun to watch and learn about. I think during my childhood, I believed they were two different species though they were always spoken as if they were the same or overlapped. This video really helped put into perspective what REALLY happens to these! Definitely watch!

Early CGI Was Horrifying

Terrifying but a great video. CGI has come a long way and it is fun to see Not much to say about this as the title really summarizes everything you'd expect. Still, watch and be amazed at today's quality! (or the horror that some have not caught up...?) Either way, enjoy!

The Original Aragorn Would Have Completely Changed The Lord Of The Rings

Aragorn was fired before filming? Not only that, but his last-second replacement ended up carrying a trilogy that became a culturally iconic masterpiece. Learn more about the struggles of last-second casting changes and how those changes ended up changing the entire trilogy for the better. We are both SO glad for the actor change since Viggo Mortensen *IS* Aragorn. Have you heard of his background before taking on this role? He was already Aragorn! This is probably one of my favorite documentaries on this acting choice and it helped significantly round out and complete the story. Highly recommend watching. It's not often (or ever) I like watching documentaries on individual people but this one, watching once a year to see how big of an impact this ONE choice made. Astounding. Just astounding!

Sanitation Expert Answers Trash Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Not sure what to say about this one. Other than this video was shockingly informative and interesting. He is also a cool dude that knows his stuff. Highly recommend watching this video as it covers a lot of information I didn't even think of or consider! We do enjoy learning from experts, mostly those who have proven they have gone in depth in researching their chosen profession to be the best they can be, and also show their passion for what they do with eagerness to teach and share with others!

These digital clocks aren't digital at all

Lol so his videos are very in-depth and we highly appreciate his research and passion for what he does. This video is exactly as it describes and is a lot more interesting than you may think. It's less than a 20-minute video packed with information. He has taught us so much about various appliances we use daily and recommend everyone watch a video or two of his about anything you may be interested in or catches your eye. (Also the way he talks and his humor is down our alley too!)

Mysterious Home Features No Longer Used

Ok so we like the video topic and editing but for some reason, their voice is just so GRATING to us! We think it may be because of the odd cadence in their speech. But we still recommend the video as the only part we didn't like was our personal sensory overload. What odd feature from the video do you possibly have in your current home? Or which ones did you grow up with? Did you use them for their original purpose or were they used in a different way? Please share with us!

Why is Gen Z Humor So Weird?

So we aren't 100% entirely sure if this is correct but it seems to be accurate to a degree from observation. It answers quite a bit and I have to keep looking at it with my younger siblings in mind. My little sister tried to recommend an anime show to us to watch and for the first MINUTE, we were so confused with what was going find out that this keeps going for the whole series?!?! There is quite a disconnect between Gen Z and Millenial humor. It's also interesting that Gen Z wants to claim starting depression and suicide memes (per my sister) but I remember those floating around in the late 1990s/early 2000s before they were alive. As John points out, this is more of a human thing so it most likely started generations prior. We could possibly see these 'memes' in hieroglyphs as there has already been evidence of messages in stone tablets complaining about delivery order issues...humans do what humans do and express it in many ways.

Either way, still an interesting break down that I feel...didn't answer the question as well as I hoped, but then again that also helps describe the generation as well. After watching this, what do YOU think? What have you observed?

Are you 'tone deaf'? Watch this video to find out! (Part 1)

Just a fun video to test your hearing (and/or your audio on your device). Shouldn't take too long and is quite interesting to go through! So find some time where you can be somewhere quiet to watch this. The whole video here is less than 4mins so give it a shot!

YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else?

Why is YouTube more regulated than other platforms and how does that end up impacting creators using the platform? Learn more about how ad sponsorships and ad declarations work on the platform as well as how other traditional platforms are allowed to use sponsorships without declaring them or making it known. Do you agree with the YouTube policies, or do you think that less regulation on content is better?

Tom Scott here asking some of the real questions. Really recommend watching this and thinking about this subject. Well done video and highly recommend his channel!


And the list is complete! Well, part 1 of 3. Which of these videos scrolling through did you want to watch first? Which one did you possibly completely overlook? Would you still willingly watch a little bit of it?

Thanks for your patience as we are trying to keep up with writing our posts. Writing is a mindset/skill we don't have often and is a struggle to get back into. So we are doing our best to switch tracks every month. (I haven't been in a 'writing mood' for almost 2 years now and it only hits with certain inspiration and long-term brainstorming that needs to be let out). We are planning on having November be a writing month to get back into it and will plan to try and release more of our writings in 2024. I (Michelle) have so many papers and essays I've written I'd love to post and get your thoughts on. But I need time, energy, and the right mindset to review/edit before I can post. So keep an eye out for next year's posts!

That's all we got for this post. Aiming to release part 2 this weekend! See you then~

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