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YouTube 2022 Edition: Learning 2

Another list of fun!! We love learning and hope to encourage others to learn more about this crazy and complex world. We firmly believe that each of us is created to focus, absorb, and express various and specific parts of life. Such as your passions, your interests, and your experiences all merge together within you and are expressed through YOUR choices. Take for example my own life: my interests are art and psychology. Yes, there is "art therapy" but what already exists isn't connected to me. It's there for me to learn, discover, and add to who I am and what I know. How can I turn my art, or how can I turn the understanding of art/the practice of art into a therapeutic method? Even if not in a therapy setting, how can I help promote self-healing or self-care through creative activities? Ones that people can disconnect from how the world is and just express themselves freely? Using these passions/interests of mine is how I was made, how I express and use these passions is my meaning of life. My meaning is to use how I was made and with it (as in separate), choose what to do with it.

Say you have interests in mathematics and boating. You might think, how can I connect those two creatively? Well, what if you use your knowledge of mathematics to make changes to your boat to improve your experience? What if there is a specific *feel* or *experience* that bugs you and you want to change it? How can your knowledge make an impact? Sometimes we need to learn about what is outside of our interests that will help connect within our interests. Like watching William Osman create some weird contraption, though a barely a success in itself, may have inspired you to make a connection of "Oh! If I try THIS with THIS for what I'm working on, something may work!".

I strongly believe that we learn more about ourselves the more we learn about how the world works and see how others interact/impact the world too. We are each unique. A vessel that combines our experiences. So with that in about taking a look at these videos and seeing how any of them may connect to your personal life or activities? Not necessarily directly but indirectly? Like the video about Sleepytime tea, you may not need any of the information about them being a cult, but what if those red flags that indicate it's a cult start aligning with a group you were thinking of joining? Where that group start looking (and acting) like a cult the more you look at it? And if that isn't what you want, then those learned red flags were beneficial. Keeping away from what could harm you is also a great way to learn about you and your needs.

Whew, enough of that. This topic has been rolling around in my head the past few months and I want to write an essay about it sometime. Though this idea and concept heavily influences about 5 of my other projects at this time. ack I'm still rambling!

Long intro but let's get into the videos!

The World's TINIEST Language? (TOKI PONA)

Language is fascinating as well as the history of how some were formed. I have a project where I am planning on creating my own languages for a story I'm writing. One day we came across this video and wanted a simpler way of understanding how the formation of a language came out of natural usage. Toki Pona is one that came out of being created with a vision or a purpose but seeing the comparison between the two is very helpful. Just watching this video and seeing how the rules were created just awes me. I think at this time I was reading a book I borrowed from the library about the creation of languages from the guy who wrote the languages for...Game of Thrones. Anyway, if you can, watch this video and just think of it in comparison of English or whatever language you are most fluent/comfortable with. What differences or similarities stand out?

Sleepy Time Tea's Weird Cult? | Corporate Casket

Oooh wee so you know how people say they randomly found themselves going down a rabbit hole? That felt like this video. Very fascinating that this was all going on and I (as well as probably many of you) were blissfully unaware. It still surprises me that there are pockets of reality and existence that I am just so blind to their existence. Just because the topic of it and or what is connected to it had nothing to do with me or anything related to me. I'm in awe of how much the world has to offer and how much is ACTUALLY going on every second of our short existence. Wild isn't it? Watch this for a good story.

Can You Hear The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Pianos? (N. 3)

This is such a beautiful video! Just the music as it goes through the increased value. I can definitely hear the differences between 'cheap' vs 'expensive' however I don't think I can pick up too much of a difference between Yamaha C2 ($31,000) and a Pleyel Grand Concerto ($53,000). in the expensive range. I generally pick up that the tones are smoother and the notes connect lightly to blend gently as the prices go up. I just get pulled away with the calming music and love it no matter what level of Piano it may be. Though I think I heard the foot pedal squeeking on the White GB1 Baby Grand ($17,000). That always bothered me when I used to play on my mom's piano. Are you able to hear any differences?

Documentary on automatons, androids or automata: museum of musical automata in York (England)

This documentary is just fascinating. John is more interested in understanding the structure and build of them to one day make one. I love the designs and creativity and would also like to help make one. This video made us want to go visit and explore these with the hopes of grasping enough to make one of our own! Does this interest you? Do you like the idea of going to view them or wanting to make one? Or are you someone who sees them more terrifying than fun? Either way, the history of some creations mankind created is one to take note of!

David Attenborough: The Fascinating Life Cycle of Desert Plants | Nature Bites

This video is like the next two. I'm pretty sure you have heard of David Attenborough and hope his reputation has preceded him. You know you're in for a treat. These three videos are super fun to listen to as his voice and cadence pulls you along his story. The world unravels as he points things out and explains. Also timelapse videos to see how life moves at different paces. We sometimes forget that there are always small changes going on around us ALL THE TIME!! Some so minimal that we don't notice a difference until weeks to months later! These videos are such a breath of fresh air. Highly recommend watching all three of his videos!

David Attenborough Encounters an Incredible Evolutionary Quirk | Kingdom of Plants

David Attenborough's Miracle Plant Took 200 Years To Grow | Nature Bites

You liked the videos right? He's like everyone's grandpa that just wants to teach you his passion and see the beauty in nature. Go watch more of his videos if you loved it!

Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Nephilm (Giants) Plan to enslave Mankind/ Book of Enoch :NOWYOUSEETV

This was so fascinating. We LOVED this video and the information it gave. The many layers of 'what ifs' in the Bible starting to be unravelled as it is paired with historical artifacts and recordings from cultures all over the world. As John and I are going through the Bible again, we are starting to see different connections and indications that were overlooked. At least overlooked growing up and overlooked by the adults who were teaching us. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, this is such a mind-blowing dive into layers below the words. Highly HIGHLY recommend watching it. It's a long video so feel free to watch it in chunks. It's very dense with information (and so is his book which we have too) but worth listening to.

But listening to this starts shifting your views of the world as things start to click in place. Pieces start standing out and you begin to take hold of these observations you are witnessing personally. The world begins to look like a much more magical place, fit for a movie trilogy. If you are against religion, then look at this as if it were 'world building' in preparation for writing a book series like the Lord of the Rings. It's exciting and we would love to share this in-depth dive that has so many threads to be aware of. We don't want it to be put off because of other prior connections you may had and don't mean to push. There is just so much we want to share and connect with and this has a vast amount of curious threads! We want this to be looked at as an exciting reference and not a religious push, so jump in and give it a try. =D

City Flags Are Abominations

This video was funnier than we expected and a lot sadder to. Some of these were...approved and made OFFICIAL? Don't need to write to much on this as I think you can gather how it made it on this list and probably why we like it. =)

ANOTHER Weird Canada Iceberg EXPLAINED!

We try to stay well rounded by delving into other countries cultures as much as we can. Though we don't always think of Canada as that different, it still very much is. And that small shift can make a big difference to an outsider. Personally having gone to Canada on multiple occassions, on the outside it really doesn't look too different from the USA. However watching this video shows a bit differently. Take a watch!

Exploding Resistors and Capacitors (slow-mo)

Anything with William Osman expect: ADHD, genius on the edge of childish idiocy, and random destruction. We love his videos and relate so much. Also anything with Slow-mo or Timelapse has our attention. The world exists on such different planes that we want to see how things begin, live, and end. This video is pretty quick and usually quite fun. Enjoy the end of this post with a bang!


And we did it! Managed to get this post done on time! I'm trying to get more into the groove of writing. November will be my "writing month" so gotta start now to put myself into that. With Autism, we found that our 'pre-planning' in 'preparation' for certain tasks can take up to a few months. So to be on top of things, we have to start certain mental preparations quite a bit in advance. That is also why when we tend to make plans on what we WANT to do or PLAN to do, it usually happens months later (With some pushed off years).

So just a heads up, expect possibly more posts in November. Depends on our health mostly but if that goes well, lots of posts.

See you next week for the last installment of our YouTube 2022 Editions Learning part 3!

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