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YouTube 2022 Edition: Gaming Part 3

Welcome to the next installment of our yearly YouTube 2022 Edition Gaming list part 3! For those new, every year, we collect our favorite videos to share with you the following year. We come across some amazing videos be...either Kevin or gaming... ok. I know we watch a lot of those two. To be fair, they have a lot of videos to go through that can take you years to go fully watch. As well as they, as individual people, have not turned into big-headed creators. Those who have gained so many followers seem to be out of touch with the rest of the world. There are some content creators where the number of followers they have, gets to their heads and they ignore what made their channel awesome in the first place. Now, this observation is just for us. We aren't speaking about their general audience. So this year we relied heavily on some familiar faces and voices as we went about our day listening or watching. Didn't find many new gaming channels as we were mostly viewing their channels again and again for comfort and familiarity.

As I mentioned before...most of these are Markiplier and CallMeKevin. Though, our whole gaming list has been mostly them too. Though they shouldn't be on any other list so just check back in the following months to see the other content creators outside of gaming.

But enough of that. Let's get started with the list! (Not in any particular order)

A game where you need to be silent but I won't shut up

Well, if you know Kevin, he likes to mess around in games and push people's buttons. He isn't the aggressive "let's-destroy-everything" type of gamer. Oh, wait yeah he is. But the passive, more like the "let's-poke-the-bear-and-run-away-yelling-insults" and "how-can-we-push-the-game-to-break" kind of guy. It's highly amusing when he springs this game style onto unknown players he matches up with. Some people just can't stand him while there are others that jump in on the fun. It's a great watch that you don't have to really pay attention to the whole time. So you can be drawing and listen to this. That's what we ended up doing.

Deer Simulator but this deer destroys cities

What an impressive deer. To think that the developer had really thought of so many fascinating interactives to encounter. I mean...a dear picking up WEAPONS to attach to itself and USE!! I didn't think I would care for this. Except it was hilarious. The guns instead of horns were just the start of such animalistic madness! Of course with Kevin behind the wheel, or deer, will kind of predict what chaos is ahead. Oh deer...

Goat Simulator but I'm a dolphin in a wheelchair

There were a lot of animal simulators out. I don't think all from the same year but can seem like it. We are still amazed at what is possible in the game and what was actually coded in. Kevin, pushing the boundaries and experimenting with various aspects to see what the limits of the games were! Whether they were intended to be there or not. We sometimes got to see it stretched past its limits! This game has a lot more madness than he covered in the video. We are surprised on how much effort and how many ideas were put into this game!

Calm Fishing Horror Game Where You Catch Fish & ignore me behind you - Fishing Vacation DELUXE

I had a game very similar to this, but not horror and I don't think there was a storyline behind it. But the artwork for the fishing got me nostalgic and excited for the evolution of this. The story was great. Thought out, planned, creative, and with a good streak of horror mixed in. I liked that there were different endings that helped round out my understanding of the story. We like ManlyBadassHero in that he covers many different games we are interested in. It's his voice and level of energy that usually keep us away. For us, his voice and tone are very level...which can be too relaxing. He doesn't talk excitedly like Markiplier or even Kevin which helps us keep our mood up. We feed off of the energy level around us to keep us awake and motivated at what is in front of us. We rarely just sit and watch shows. We are normally multitasking (eating counts too) so something to keep us moving and awake is very important. I would still highly recommend his channel. We just personally have issues that are heavily tied to our sensory processing.

The Mortuary Assistant: Part 1

This is a multi-part video that you can choose to continue or not. Watching the first one will help you determine whether you care to continue the game story or not. It's a very fascinating story that actually has some realistic elements when dealing with demonic forces. Some aspects they took the liberty of weaving into their story and world. We also learned quite a bit about what procedures needed to be done in the mortuary which was a nice change of pace. I do love games that try to introduce a little about different jobs and professions. But watching this game series...definitely cements the idea of neither of us wants a job dealing with dead bodies. Even if they aren't possessed, it's still a little too creepy.

Trover Saves The Universe but I ruin everything else

This...was both funny and annoying. I know there is a tie-in here with Rick and Morty and it kept making me think that Morty or even Rick was gonna pop out. When they never did, it felt like I was being led around to be disappointed. I don't want to detract from the work that was put into this. It's still a great and interesting game. Kevin helps a lot with his humor and upbeat approach to every interaction...even if it is inspired by a knife that eagerly wants to stab things.

The most interesting game ever made

This was such a trip. I gotta say that their story was very immersive and with depth. I keep thinking it's a little like Myst the classic computer game where you investigate and explore an abandoned island to discover clues. Each one unravels questions you may already have to produce more questions you'll need to answer. The world-building was well done, creating an atmosphere that helped enforce the story while deepening the experience. Would highly recommend watching this or even playing the game for yourself!

Stardew Valley but I made a cult to run my farm

This. This was gold. The humor was always there. This whole video could be a meme. I hate the term 'cult' and all the connotations...however, in this sense, he is playing it as ironically and hilariously as he can. We all know Jim Pickens is a cult leader, a character created by Kevin from his Sims games. There are many fans of Kevin who enjoy the idea of following Jim Pickens as their cult leader. So thus, Kevin started a farm where he and a certain number of his fans can play the same game.

He did well. I loved how everyone was so gung-ho following every order. No matter how small or large it may be. Serving their leader no matter what ridiculous demands he put forth. Don't take any of it seriously and you'll be laughing the whole time.

When a COMPUTER Plays Stardew Valley

I forget who we came across that talked about trying to speed-run Stardew Valley. Then a video popped up talking about having a (Tool-assisted speedrun) TAS speed-run the game instead. This is different from AI or robots playing the game. This is new to me too but you can read more about it here.

Still, this was highly fascinating to watch. We watched a human try to accomplish this and it definitely was much longer. The whole time I think we just sat mouths open because of it being able to do things humans possibly COULD do but not really. Even if you don't care for Stardew Valley, this is still a good watch on how technology is evolving and to see it playing out before you. Literally.

Well, that wraps up our Gaming series of the year! Thanks for joining us and hope you found at least one video that you enjoyed. We will see you in the next list coming out next month! Bye!

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