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YouTube 2022 Edition: Gaming Part 1

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Welcome to the first of the first!! If you don't know what is going on, this is the first list in the first topic of the year. Each year, John and I collect our favorite Youtube videos for the year. At the end of the year, we go through the list again, recheck to make sure it deserves to be on the final list, and then curate them into lists based on their genre/topic. Then we share with you our interests from the past year. Through this, not just the topic of each video, but the patterns and themes that reveal themselves from the MULTIPLE videos being selected over the course of time.

With that being said, our first topic of the year is Gaming! I'll start by saying, don't expect multiple lists per month. Some lists grew a little too long and so they were split into more manageable sizes. Those in each list are not in any order... this list is just how they ended up being collected. This list is apparently only Markiplier and CallMeKevin specifically. It was not meant to be this way but this is how it is. It'll be an easy transition to get an idea of what's going on here! I swear there are others we watched!!

(I think...)

Just in case some of the connections have an error or it doesn't load, I'll provide the name of the video as well as the share link for each video. Under each, we will (try to) explain a little about the video and why we enjoyed it.

THIS IS AMAZING | The Stanley Parable #1

Ok so this one we have watched before and it's not exactly a *NEW* video. Neither is the game, but we ended up watching it again. We fell in love with it again as Markiplier took us on a fun ride through the well-developed story and Markiplier's....unique approach to the game. This game is just so complex and amazing that we had to buy the game for ourselves. You can tell the love and time that was put into it. We would highly recommend you take some time to at least skim through the video! If you don't care for Markiplier, then perhaps watch a different gamer play the game. It's too good to pass up.

You follow a worker who typically just follows orders to find out he is the only one in the company. He explores the company to find out what is going on while facing a lot of philosophical moments (and hilarious snips from Markiplier). Except for the only one who seems to be present with you, the player Stan is the narrator. The narrator is another unseen character that you get to interact with...and actually, listen to/see CHANGE. You actually really get to see how your choices change the narrator and change the game.

I can't really say much about this other than you need to check this game out.

Streamer Life Simulator

This game started out simple enough. Not the best-made game but still a lot of thought and care went into it. Surprisingly, in this video, you get to see Markiplier's drive towards entertaining and making videos with the mundane tasks of surviving. He also becomes quite obsessed with this game and shows his purity a little here. He was so genuinely ecstatic to get a couple of *fake* viewers watching his *fake* game stream. This is the guy who posts a video for a couple of minutes in reality and gets attention from all over the world.

We even had an incident about how hilarious this is in a different context:

I was looking around on YouTube for something to watch and I came across one of Markiplier's videos. Before I scrolled to see how long ago it was posted, John saw how many viewers he had and said "He only had a few views so I knew it was new."

His "FEW" views in about 3 hours were 162 THOUSAND views. 162,000!!

But in this game, he got into a grind and was honestly eager to restart his journey as a streamer because of this game...You really don't have to watch it but listening to it would be the best. Listen to this while doing chores to hear the hilarious shifts in Markiplier's experience of the game!

Minecraft but it's a Harry Potter RPG

We don't have too much to say about this one other than this was one good-looking game! We both love Minecraft and Harry Potter. Kevin takes us on a fun ride with his chaotic run through the game. It's just a joy to watch seeing how much detail was put into a blend of two great fandoms. If it's not for you, it's not for you. If it'll already be wanting to click and watch it. =)

This Game Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Presentable Liberty

This one was a bit dark but had such an amazing story. Mostly a suspense game with great various twists here and there. If you are faint of heart, maybe don't watch this. A prisoner trapped alone in a prison learns what is going on outside of his cell through letters underneath his door.

Cool Math Games but I am too stupid for math games

Kevin being hilariously Kevin. I don't think I have to give too much of a description of this, do I? I think his thumbnail kind of summarizes it all. It's a light and fun video to destress to!

Try Not to Crash Simulator | Drive Time Radio

We were impressed with this video and how Markiplier took advantage of this video to spin off into his own project he had been working on. It connected quite well and had a smooth transition between both.

The game is about a player trapped in a vehicle driving down a long, unfamiliar road. While driving, he listens to two radio hosts chatting with...him. The world and story were very interesting, making twists and turns in the story a delight. I can't really say much without spoiling the ending and Markiplier's transition!


Not a new video or game. Though we popped this up a few times during the year for the familiar comfort. The character Markiplier created while playing this game became almost a staple for us. How he responds, how he speaks, how he thinks and his choices of reasoning were a joy to watch and listen to.

There is even a noticeable progression in Stan's character development as the game goes on. We are pretty sure some of the character interactions were prepared/staged but still gave very entertaining situations to watch and laugh at.

If you are ever feeling down, start this up with a delicious drink and snack! Enjoy!

Bad End Theater

I just am a sucker for cute art, especially pixel art in games. This hit all my faves: pixel art, pixel game, simple art, multiple choices, multiple paths/endings, and a well-thought-out storyline. Hands down an A+ game in my book. We want to make a game like this one day...

The game follows four different characters and how their actions can change the ending. You can either play as the hero, the maiden that needs to be saved, the demon queen, and a demon minion. There is even another layer of adjusting the game that changes the choices and results. So many choices, scenes, and endings!

Sucker for Love: Third Date

This was such a fascinating game. I mean I've been saving that for a few of these now haven't I? Well, if it wasn't it wouldn't be on our list now, would it? But if you haven't seen this game yet, I'd recommend you first watch the very first episode which should say "First Date". This...I'm embarrassed to say, was probably the game that helped me learn about the Eldritch. I mean, I think I have encountered them before growing up, but no one said anything that would have made me connect the dots of THAT was what THAT was.

Not that I'm a fan of the currently known Eldritch Beings being spread around the internet, but I DO love the idea and concepts of them. Not that I dislike any of them either, just I don't have that 'connection' people may have when they first find something they like. Or maybe I just haven't come across the right one?

I digress. We enjoyed the care and depth the game held that seems to tie nicely with the previously established lore (so says comments and those I've heard play it).

Did I also mention it was based on a weird premise of trying to steal a kiss from an Eldritch being?


This one you will want to watch.

I'm only talking about the first 2 minutes. (Maybe even less)

Don't worry about the other two games.

Even if you don't like horror or scary things. Please just those TWO minutes.

I promise you won't regret it.

We don't want to say too much about it and will let you enjoy it!

Have a great weekend and see you next week for part 2!

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