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YouTube 2022 Edition: Gaming Part 2

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Welcome to the second post of this wild adventure!!

Ok, so it isn't that wild but welcome! If you are new to this, every year we collect our favorite YouTube videos we found during that year. In the following year, we curate and list those videos that passed the final end-of-the-year check. So welcome to what we considered a favorite video for the year 2022. We will be continuing this tradition for as long as YouTube exists! So come join us and take a look at what tickled our fancy this past year!

We are doing Gaming list number two! Which covers...Markiplier and CallMeKevin again. With ONE Let's Game It Out video on this list since he didn't post much during the year so not as many of his videos made our list as is.

We swear we watch other channels!! But to point out, they are pretty consistent with the type of content they put out: both the games they play and the people they are/are becoming. Some people grow in a way that rubs us the wrong way, so we part ways from watching those creators. These two, have been very consistent, and thus, we rely on that.

Pop these on in the background, or during a meal, and relax to the hilarity that these two introduce. They really do help us handle some of the horror/thriller games by giving a layer of humor and lightness to some dark and heavy topics. We hope you enjoy these videos!

TURN AROUND AND RUN!! | The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

This game was well thought out with multiple endings. We had watched this a few years back but reviewing it last year gave us another appreciation for the game. How the story was set up, the characters, the hints throughout the game, and also how Markiplier played/narrated the game. It was a fun watch that we know won't be for everyone. It's a story about a child who has an uncle that works at Nintendo but there is a dark secret that turns this exciting sentence into a frightening trap.


Another story game that covers great artwork, an in-depth story, realistic characters, and an exciting narrator telling the story. I'm not sure how to really summarize the story other than a child witnesses something unnatural and tries to juggle that surprise with his already intense and heavy home life.

This game evolves as you play it

This game is so COOL! Turning from a simple game to a complex, layered game as you progress. It is beautifully done and has a good view of how games progressed with a modern spin on it. Sad that Kevin didn't complete the game but perhaps it will inspire you to give the game a shot and experience something unique! The explanation for this game is...a little difficult. You may just have to watch the first few minutes to get a feel of it yourself.

The Bible but it's a horrible PS2 game

We added it because of its hilarity. A poorly made game that ends up being more fun to watch than it could be to play. Due to its low quality and multiple issues, there is no way this game, as is, is anything considered 'good' for a game. It is possible to revamp this and make it good, but this ain't it.

I was not ready for this game

Another dark game that was well-made with some great features. I loved the aspect of the game where you have to find and collect the dolls representing other beings. Then figuring out which room in the large dollhouse they belong in to match. That happens to unlock the ending. But get this, you have a few characters to choose from to explore with and if they die, they cannot be reused in the game. So your lives are limited. Each also has a specialty skill so you'll have to use their lives wisely. not kind to his characters so hilarity is just around the corner!

I Turned an Entire Planet Into 100% Pure Lunacy - Planet Crafter

Josh's channel is basically: "how far can I push this game until it breaks?" It's surprising what bugs you can find when you play the game not like you're supposed to. Though it is fun to watch and surprising how many hours he puts into each video. You'll want to watch and see the extent games can be pushed and some hilarious game-breaking scenes!

This game is a Jesus role playing game

Another badly made game but probably with a little more effort and thought. This one seemed like they tried and put their own spin on it. The last one seemed more like a money grab "copy/paste game code" type. This RPGMaker game can be summarized by this comment here:

"As someone who vigorously studied the bible for years I can confidently say that not even the bible could have guided you through this game Kevin" -Caleb Moylan

Now if you don't like humor that involves the Bible...then you probably shouldn't watch this. We don't enjoy mockery, but people exploring their creativity in humourous ways that involve the Bible we can appreciate. I love 32-bit games so it was already a game that appealed to me right away. Inspires me to make my own.

This is the weirdest game I have ever played

Oh, dear. Just another fun and hilarious game. The whole time you'll be thinking "what's going on" or "why?". But that's the fun of it, isn't it? Just watch a few seconds of the gameplay and that'll be enough. You'll know if you want to watch the whole thing or not. Good luck.

I played the worst game ever made so you don't have to

So badly made it's good. Weird how it loops around like that. The quality is bad but they put the effort in to give it the right 'feel'. Though it wasn't enough, you can see their effort (or lack of effort?) with every scene. It's still a fun ride to see what people invested their lives in making. You can at least spend a few minutes appreciating this expressive game.

This game is a terrible fever dream

Oh boy. I know I said I was going to explain the videos. This also one that is difficult to explain. It's a 'fever dream' and that summarizes it quite well actually. It's a game that makes you scream "NANI!?!" all the time.

If you want the distraction or a challenge to find out what these creators were thinking...then this video is for you! I feel like this list started out with some good games and just slowly dropped down to the hilarious detestable. They all made the list because they were entertaining and we know we would find them fun to rewatch years down the road when we forget about them.

Or to find out which ones we DIDN'T forget years down the road. What a fun surprise that will be, will it not?

This ends our second list. We have one more on the way to complete the list of games we have chosen as our best of 2022 YouTube Edition! We hope you enjoy it and see you next week!

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