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YouTube 2022 Edition for 2023!

Another Year! Another List!

Every year we collect our year's worth of top favorite videos and share them in lists during the following year. We decided against posting them all at once, as we don't want to overwhelm anyone with the number of videos we have come across. Plus that is EXTREMELY stressful for us too! So we will release them in bite sizes that will also allow you to watch them in your free time while allowing us to work at a reasonable pace.

We have been doing this since 2018 and looking back, have noticed a few things about ourselves. Our views and interests are evolving in how we present our list. It's strange stepping back and taking a look at what we've watched. Not just the content of the video itself, but what about the creator? The theme or genre of videos? What channels have been gained this year? Which ones have been dropped? There are so many cues of our growth and changes. Where our interests have taken us either by events happening in our life at the time or just random topics we stumbled across.

This year was also the year where we follow certain creators (and/or have been for a while now) but NEVER watch one of their videos. I think I noticed it as....this person bothers me (or the way they edit their videos) so the content has to be worth overlooking those shortfalls. Or they have a topic/theme that we are kind of interested in on their channel but not often enough to watch any video on it. We rarely ever follow a creator for two years and still consistently watch their channel. So far the only creators are Best Ever Food Review Show and Markiplier. When I say "consistently" I mean as often as they post (just about), to a few times a week. We have a few other channels that may reach this rank in a few months, but only time will tell if they survive. Some content creators start to change and not often in ways we agree with. Perhaps starting to sound whinier or sound as if they have power going to their heads. The ones where their followers make them feel like they rule the world? Yeah...we kind of back away from those... and find new channels!

I want to go about this year's post a LITTLE differently. I wanted to share the topics we are going to be posting this year ahead of time. Since our interests change during the year, at the end of the year we generally see what kind of lists will be formed from our year of choices. We generally cover some of the same topics (i.e. gaming, traveling, and food), but every so often we get an outlier that must've changed from something that went on during the year. So what are the topics for this year?

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming releases:

Gaming, Take Me Out, Animals, Health, Building/Creating, Art, Travel, Life, Learning, Food, Politics, Humor.

Some of these are the same...but three are definitely different than normal. Explanations of those will be released with their corresponding list! We will release them on the weekend so you'll have a week to go through them and pick which ones you are interested in watching. No need to rush and watch them all right away. We will see you in the next post this weekend. Enjoy your week!

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