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YouTube 2022 Edition: Building/Creating

Another month and another list! This one will be focusing on the building/creating/crafting side of things. Whether it's small arts and crafts to large actual buildings or structures. Different views and aspects of these topics will be on the list. I may have to cut this a little short as time is of the essence! Plus, you'll more likely enjoy watching these videos more than reading whatever I ramble.

10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Make With a LASER ENGRAVER (NEW Sculpfun S9 Review)

John was getting a laser cutter and we came across this video about laser engraving ideas. The collection of ideas and possibilities was exciting! We already have hundreds of projects we would love to get started on. Which one from this video would you like to have for yourself?

Exposing the Carbon Credit and Offset SCAM

This goes along the lines of 'building' in terms of companies and what they do with these entities. Such an eye-opener and a lot of fun to see issues pointed out. Since we watched this video, I have been in buildings that like to push they are a part of LEED and then start looking at the buildings seriously to see if they are genuinely wanting to be green, or hopping on the bandwagon that is more of a front. There are so many 'scams' going on in our towns/cities that we normally just don't see!

Peruvian Whistling Vessels are weird

Such a cool old design. It even looks puzzling and fascinating, doesn't it? But the amount of time and effort the original makers went through to get these JUST right must have taken quite a bit of trial and error. Somewhat related but the whole time I was watching this video, all I could recall was my trip to Mexico when I was about 14 and walking along the beach. There was a man selling bird whistles that looked a little like this (not as large or complex) and blowing in the whistle while trying to hand it to other people for them to 'try it themselves'. *shivers* This was LONG before the pandemic and even I knew then that THAT was disgusting. Good times.

Prehistoric Nettle Textiles, scraping and splicing

Ok generally not something people get excited about but we did. She did very well in explaining the steps. We LOVE games that involve collecting and crafting materials. Especially those that have steps to process materials. So this overlaps with us wanting to know how to complete this by hand in nature if we had to. There are MANY skills that humankind has become foreign to and if things went many skills by hand would you be able to do and take over for? Also, the pride that comes from being able to do this is well wanted!

City Tiles Are Better Than Battlemats - And I'll Show You Why!

We love this. We really REALLY want to be able to make these on our own both to use and to give to our family that plays DnD. When we move into a house, we will try to set some space aside to work on a project such as this. Love their use of magnets that give everything a much cleaner look. Even if you aren't into tabletop gaming or DnD, the amount of detail and care that goes into these is worth looking at to admire!

How I Almost Ruined MrBeast Squid Game

This was such an epic ride and I could feel the anxiety and stress. That level of stress and anxiety is what John and I almost feel on a daily basis. We understand it isn't logical but this is about how heavy we feel it. But this was such a cool video with twists and turns on getting through the task. William Osman is always fun to watch and we can relate to his ADHD quite well. Also, we were pleased to learn that they worked with a fabrication company here in Colorado! Quite excited to see a fan being able to help a favorite creator with his task AND succeed within the time needed! If you watch this, you may want to watch Osman's 'sawdust in food' video to get the reference the fan's mom is talking about. It's really funny when you understand why.

This month has a shorter list sadly, But still very in-depth with each. Would recommend one video a day and giving it some time to sink in or looking for similar videos to expand your knowledge. You'll be gaining some cool topics to discuss when around others!

Watch them an let us know which one you enjoyed the most, which one did you learn the most from, and possibly what you did with your new knowledge! Until next month!

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