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YouTube 2022 Edition: Art Part 2

So I guess we did have a few more music videos but not enough for their own list! Here is part two of our collection of Art Favorites part 2! If you didn't watch the first one, no need to go to that one first, there is no order and you can enjoy them at your leisure. These lists are covering the topic "ART" and that can include music, drawings, animations, building/crafting, old promo videos, and commentary about movies/shows etc. If something interests you, feel free to watch it and see if it tickles your fancy~ We tend to have a wide range of interests that weave into our other interests which, if you stick around long enough, you'll be able to see a very common thread consistently.

But enough of that. Shall we begin?

The Demon Doodles of 1565

This one we both loved. Mostly because of the style of drawing: odd, off, unique, a bit creepy, and imaginative. What were the thoughts going through the artist's mind as they made these? The intention? The feeling? Was there an expectation or hope that their artwork would be seen hundreds of years later? Some art just SURVIVES and it's fascinating that history still carries it along.

With this John and I have been discussing the temporary life of Art. How we are to expect art to last forever? It never will. It only lasts a period of time. Though some are able to survive centuries to show future generations. No weather, no accident or calamity, not human anger, nor human ignorance, nothing interfered from its creation to destroy its whole existence. We still have evidence of it! But the rarity of this happening is far beyond our control. So if luck chooses you....your art can stand in front of MILLIONS.

(our other side thoughts on this were...we really hope it isn't the art we really hate that ends up surviving...)

Sometimes the testament of how long it exists is a marvel in itself.

Whelp, enough of that. Next video! =D

Fur Elise except its terrible and made me fail music theory

I absolutely LOVE Fur Elise. One of the few songs I had fun playing on the piano when I was forced to practice and even to this day will occasionally try to play it again. John also enjoys this song, but the playing of the piano....not so much. For anyone who KNOWS this song...well, this is not going to be the same. But you'll still enjoy it! This artist takes well-known classics and...adds some creative adjustments to create almost a story with the music, both how it is played and how it is written. Highly recommend it, and it's short so you have about 5-10mins to spare right?

The Scooby Doo Movies Are Insane

This has kinda been a hot topic. So I'll try to be careful but I do want to share my piece: There are some bad Scooby Doo remakes. John and I generally agree with most of his points on the ones he covers. We were a bit shocked at HOW MANY THERE ARE!! Some, for good reason, were buried. Some, we can hope to be buried and never remembered. I think we have come to an era where remakes are going to be expectedly bad. Most are only riding on the coattails of what made the franchise successful without taking into account the heart and soul of the whole thing and holding that sacred when doing a remake to honor and enhance that. I don't want to complain too much here. But if you also agree with this sentiment or want to see what a wide range of Scooby Doo movies there are, this is a good video. Quite entertaining.

Für Elise but elise broke my heart

Another Fur Elise one, another channel that has fun with the original songs and plays around with both the played song and written music. I think we actually came across this account first and stumbled upon the one above this and clicked on it because we thought they were this guy. Anyway, we still like them both. It's a wild ride and somewhat short. Definitely watch!

The Ultimate "Wii Sports" Recap Cartoon

So cute. So accurate. Quick video and worth the watch. Also, we would like to recommend their channel. They have amazing artwork and animations that are mostly quick recap animations of movies/videos etc.

The Making of The Emperor's New Groove was a Sh*t Show

We LOVE Emperor's New Groove and still think it is such an underrated movie. It came out perfectly and full of still-relevant-today comments and quips. First off, if you haven't watched this is a MUST. You MUST at least watch it once in your lifetime. Kids will love it, adults will love it, and anything in between. (lol). Seriously tho. Go watch. We can wait. Well, then come back to watch this. =D A new level of appreciation for this movie will wash over you~

The Creatures of Codex Inversus

Another series of strange drawings and a wide range of creativity. We thoroughly enjoy these sorts of artwork as Michelle is working on her Isekai story. What inspiration can be gained from this? Or how much enjoyment would we gain from watching this and seeing the world differently? Fun stuff.

[1000 Hours Minecraft Timelapse] Babylon (4K/60fps)

This is just amazing. Each block is placed down, one by one to build this. In a decent scale based on your character's size. You look at this screenshot, and if not familiar with Minecraft scalage, may not look AS impressive. Such a far-away perspective is a lot to take in so we tend to blur out certain parts to be able to comprehend what we are seeing. But if you squint, you can see little individual buildings. How many can you count? Each one of those was built block by block. And I believe it was around the size of the standard Minecraft character. Even if you don't want to watch the whole thing (it's a timelapse so not too long), just at least watch the first minute and the last few minutes. It's mind-boggling!! They also have a lot of other videos on this and would recommend looking through their videos!

Making a Water Door Knob - Resin Art

Some of his experiments are hits and some are misses. This one is luckily a hit! It came out so nicely and was exciting to watch the process. The finished result is also quite amazing. If you don't want to watch the video, at least go check out the final result! Another thing on our list that we want to make for ourselves.

Russian Dancing Men : animated music video : MrWeebl

Yes, this is an old song, but oddly enough I never came across this one in my whole life. Not until John and I opened a video going over some original viral songs/clips. This popped up and he found out I hadn't heard it so we went to go listen to it. Still a fave for John and now a fave of mine too. It's just a lot of fun to listen to, catchy, and the artwork is so cute too~

Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)

Not much needs to be said about this one. I hope, by this point, almost everyone has seen the meme/heard the story of the lady who heard her building was on fire and grabbed her kids to flee the building. I think she said she also grabbed her hot pockets...

Anyway, the way she says the line "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" was hilarious as is...but then someone Autotuned it and turned it into a song! So catchy and so much fun. Also...totally mood. The lyrics, the attitude, the energy, and the music pull it together perfectly. Helps bring up my mood and energy after hearing it and hope it has a fun and positive effect on you too!

If you don't watch any other video on this list...listen to this one. We recommend this one first. =D

Secret Cabinet of Witchcraft and Wizardry Miniature | Hidden Diorama Book Chambēr

Sometimes we like to put on art timelapse videos to understand the process of the artist. We really want to create something like this, connected to a story project I am also working on. Isn't this so beautiful?! Doesn't it make you want to try and make something like it? Again, this will have to wait until we move into a house where we will have space to lay things out. When we do, we will also have to create a time-lapse video for our art process as well!

Very relaxing video and highly recommend watching, at least skimming through! Impressive skills and artwork steps~


This was such a cute little promo video for IBM back in the day! This channel is a hidden gem that records and shares old videos. They even have old military training videos!! I think we had one of those added to our list that will come out later this year. Or, you can head over to their channel and explore for yourself. These could also be some fun conversation starters for you to have with your grandparents (or parents!). See what they remember about that time when [said video] is shown to them! Great way to learn more about them, and the era they came from. We both just really liked this video and hope you do too~

Adam Lambert - Holding Out for a Hero [Official Visualizer]

Ok this is more of my fave than John's. I grew up listening to his music since....what show was it that he was on? That singing show...there are so many now I already forgot its title! Ahh! But yeah, that one. Also, another fave song of mine "Holding Out for a Hero" became by favorite song thanks to Shrek 2...which got me into learning who Bonnie Tyler is (the original singer of the song). So now to have a different thread of what I already loved and was interested in comes by in another fun mix!

Fun fun~

So with that, this ends the second list covering different 'ART' video favorites we have collected in 2022 to share with you in 2023! This one was late as we lost track of time again. ,_, So sorry. Can't make any promises that won't happen again. But we will certainly try to extend the length further each time. Hope to see you in the next post!

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