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YouTube 2022 Edition: Art 3

This was supposed to be scheduled for yesterday.

Just saw it the day after and will be scheduling it for this week. So sorry!

Well, things got away from us and this unfortunately got pushed. We have been working on taking care of ourselves when we need it and not when we needed it two days ago. Interesting how we have denied ourselves care for so long that we are finally noticing the flags that tell us 'You need to EAT' or 'You need to SLEEP'. When you disassociate as a coping mechanism, you don't realize sometimes that 18hrs had passed and you haven't eaten anything. But small improvements should still be recognized!

Anyway, this will be released in July, with the push of the next month's topic for the following weeks. Still doing our best to keep up a pattern and we already are doing so much better than our first two years doing this! yay! Let's continue with part three of our curated favorite Art list part 3!

How to make Predator & Aliens trapped in water tank diorama / Polymer Clay / Epoxy resin

Watch the full process as this artist creates a stunning hyper-realistic diorama using a variety of our favorite mediums, including clay, paint, and resin! We've experimented with making something similar, how well do you think you could do? Again, something we both really want to do but won't be able to at our current location. The techniques are still exciting to watch. Not sure what sort of topic we would do...John did try to attempt an idea a while back but the weather here in Colorado is mostly cold during the year and our apartment leaks warmth like crazy. That creates tons of unwanted bubbles and ruins the piece. So it's been put aside for now until mid-summer when it will have the best chance to complete. But no starting anything new.

HORROR Artist vs $2 Kids Colouring Book ✍️

Ever looked through a cute child-friendly coloring book and seen a page or drawing that would have been really easy to turn horrible with the right coloring? This artist takes that to the extreme, turning innocent coloring book pages into horror art. The process is really fun to watch, and I bet you'll look at coloring books differently after watching this! We wanted to give this a shot and even bought some cheap children's books from the dollar store. These artists make it look simple. I just stared at the books and it wouldn't click. Our mindset isn't quite tailored towards horror art so though the steps look simple, it's not that easy. Maybe one day we will try again but instead of horror, change it up to our own style!

The book with a multiplayer first-person shooter inside

This is SUCH a cool idea I wasn't introduced to until John showed me a version that he owned. A prequel to the classic "Ace of Aces", this is a book based multiplayer in a simulated 3D environment. Can you out maneuver your foe through a page? Learn about the fascinating history of this book and other book based games! If you have never seen or heard about this, please invest some time into learning about the existence of this craft!

GOZR: Gonzo Science-Fantasy RPG

This is more saved because of Michelle so I'll just talk about it. I'm working on my own Isekai world-building story ("Isekai" means to be transported to another world in Japanese and a genre we are highly interested in). So seeing more about others and how they help build their worlds and stories are very fascinating. DnD and such are very in line with Isekai writing with this whole book layout and design just a joy to go through. I hope to take inspiration for this and utilize it. My isekai story has been in the works on and off since I was in Junior High. So at least a decade by now! Hoping that once more of our main bills have been covered by passive income, I'll be able to invest more into my 4 season isekai story. =D Hints of it are on our website.

How Far Can You Go with PLAY-DOH?

Some artists are amazing with their understanding of what materials they use and how they manipulate it perfectly. Play-Doh, it seems very basic and designed for children without much use in "real" art. This video might change your mind, watch a pro turn a non-toxic children's toy into a full faux meal that actually looks a little delicious if I'm being honest The picture already doesn't look like playdoh...must watch on how they change such a cheap looking toy into such realistic depth!

How this Guy Makes the World’s Smallest Handmade Sculptures | Obsessed | WIRED

Carving with a blade the size of a human hair? The level of detail and the difficulty of building sculptures the size of a pinhead is quite a feat. This man's control and focus is just mind-boggling. I can't help but be amazed at his precision and care. There also seems to be a common backstory theme in how art blossoms coming from a past of struggle. The heavy history you carry or have gone through, when expressed through art, will show your deep emotional connection to a part of LIFE. It becomes something of awe to those around you. Difficult times are't bad. They help build us into the people we were meant to be. They push us into the directions we need to go!

The Impossible Architecture of Étienne-Louis Boullée

Goodness this is AMAZING. We love epic composition and the visuals of seeing the vastness of space. The unique and creative architecture this artist shows, also shares his love and dedication to his passions. There really isn't much needed to say. If you can see the thumbnail, you can see the great detail and size of structure he had drawn. Highly recommend you at least skip through the video to view his drawings. THEN if interested watch the video. But please go at least appreciate his art.


Came across by accident and still excited to try this. Looking to be inspired? This shows the creation of an art piece using a variety of techniques, starting with an acrylic paint pour, and ending with a lovely piece of art that wouldn't be out of place in a classy setting. Michelle has been going over different ideas to rewrite or translate into Artist Trading Card art and this is one definitely on the list. (However where, when and how to implement...). Also basically shows how to make your own embellishments! A lot of fun!

I made the flying version of Howl's Moving Castle out of garbage

Recycling doesn't have to look bad or unprofessional, and this is a great example. Watch the artist turn plastic bottles and trash into a highly detailed sculpture depicting Howl's Moving Castle. This really makes us want to recycle more of our trash. However not feasible at this time. Once we have a house, we are dedicating a section to collecting recycled materials for crafting uses. We greatly admire artists that are able to do this and hope to inspire future artists to experiment and give something like this a shot. Though not in as many steps and as great of detail. But to aim for this? Exciting!

Casting Air in Epoxy Resin to Create Art

Ben's Worx is back at it again with another resin experiment! Will it go boom or will it turn into something beautiful? (It is on this list though, so you can probably already guess) The results of this were a little surprising and still look amazing. It's surprising how some of the pieces we notice end up not how we like, but we greatly appreciate him going through the experimentation so that we can see the process and make note of adjustments we would like to do. Very valuable information and exciting to see what else he comes up with and decides to attempt!

Why Norway's Churches Look Weird

Have you seen the pictures of the stunning black stave churches scattered sparsely across Norway? These church buildings hold more history than meets the eye, with a story stretching back to the golden age of the medieval kingdom of Norway, a story involving war, crusades, and Christianity coming to the land of the Vikings. Strongly recommend. Not only is the structure breathtaking and itricate...but the history and story of it is worth some time watching the video. There is so much answered that I didn't even know I had a question for!


We hope that you enjoyed these videos and don't mind that this video is a bit later than intended. Sadly means we pushed this month's posts a bit. But we will try to get the next three out on time! Yes, this month has three as well!

Well, until the next post! Thanks for reading!

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