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YouTube 2022 Edition: Animals

Welcome to the next installment of our traditional YouTube Edition Lists!! This month is the topic of Animals! If you are new to this, every year we collect all of our favorite videos saved from that year and then share them in curated lists during the following year. It kind of summarizes the year and we get to look over what kind of pattern our choices of videos have fallen into. We also get to see what kind of lists will be formed from what we have collected. Since March is the start of spring, we wanted to focus on adorable creatures and enjoy nature again! Sit back and enjoy these adorable little ones!

The result of waking up a sleeping frog... it was too cute!

I don't think I need to say much about this, do I? It's just SO CUTE!


In this video and the one below, John wanted me to hear how Tokay geckos sounded and it was too cute! We mostly skipped to where it started making sounds but feel free to watch the whole thing. John already knew a lot so told me most of it before the video could get to introducing that information. So have fun watching these two videos!

tokay gecko in Thailand barking

Follow Your Cat - What Felines get up to When They Leave the House | Free Documentary Nature

This was a fascinating documentary on following cats and seeing where their territory was. It was definitely an eye-opener to see how far cats will roam before coming back home. Do you let your cat roam around outside? Have you recorded where they go? I bet it would be a fun adventure! Just a lot of things can be learned from this and started forming new questions for us.

Becorns Episode 2: Attack of the Squirrels

This. Was. Adorable. The artwork and the interaction with wild animals. A little sad when the animal took apart this little figure...but I mean it was made out of an acorn! A fun little video watching nature in action.

Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0- The Summer Games

More squirrels! And watching them go through a MAZE was a lot of fun. The course was impressive and the participants....each had their unique personalities and approaches. It always amazes me how much you can learn and observe by watching animals. Both in the wild and in a wild handmade maze in a backyard! I also recommend looking for their other video about testing squirrels with another obstacle course. They are hilarious!

World’s Grumpiest Cat I Frozen Planet II I BBC

Yes. Just yes. This catto is perfect. The face, the fluff, and the attitude. I just love this type of cat so much!! The story is so sweet, watching and learning what the mother cat does for her babies. We need to save this breed and protect it as much as possible. I really want to have a cat as adorable as this. Especially the expressions the Pallas cat makes!

How Small Of A Hole Can My Cat Fit Through?

William Osman is hilarious. He is what you get when you get an extremely intelligent person wanting to experiment with doing dumb things. But this time it was more focused on his cat. After watching this and being reminded of this trend...I need to do this with Sherlock. One day we will. But definitely watch. The video around 'a cat going through a hole' has it's a hilarious charm to it as well.

Compilation of T H I C C seals

I think the starting image you see above summarizes what you'll see. Just tons of clips with adorable fat seals being...well adorable. You don't want to miss out. This compilation was actually well done. You may want to actually watch everything!

And that concludes this month's list! This was a shorter list than the first month but there are lists that are longer. Let us know which of these videos you liked the best, or what list we have posted so far that took to your liking. Not much else needed to be said here. See you in the next post!


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