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Youtube 2021 Edition: Top Vid List of 2021

Yes, this year we actually have a TOP LIST LIST!! There were a few that just really caught our attention and are so excited to share with others over and over and over again. We also would have these high on our list of rewatching for the next couple of years. There will be at least one of these that will be your top fave for the year so go ahead and take the dive!

The Funniest Facebook FIGHT Over stolen recipes | The internet is UNDEFEATED | Alonzo Lerone

PANMAN - The Dumbest Slasher In Existence (and I love it)

SHARK EXORCIST - The Worst Movie Ever Made

The Weirdest Life Coach on Earth

Florida Woman Drives Into Moving Train, Is Fine (Car Is Not Fine)

Arkansas Police Impersonator's Arrest Recorded By His Own Body Camera


The Psychology of Prince Andrew

What pretending to be crazy looks like

Joshua and the Promised Land REANIMATED

This one was just beautiful. I mean. If you watched the original, this is an amazing collection of works by fans from all walks of life. All because of how BAD the original was. But this collaboration of hundreds of people just goes to show...that a community can be built on just about anything. (I recommend you find the original first and watch at least a few minutes of it. Easiest to find it on SaberSpark's channel to watch.)

The Most Bizarre House You've Ever Seen

And this concludes our 2021 YouTube Edition Lists! Which list did you like the best? Which was YOUR top video from what we have shown? What list do you hope will be around next year?

That being said, here is to the rest of the year and more new discoveries!

Have a great weekend!

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