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YouTube 2021 Edition: Stand-Up Comedy

Guess what? Stand-up Comedy is still hilariously amazing! Didn't find as many as I thought I would this year but still a decent list isn't it? Pop them on in the background when you are doing chores and enjoy your time laughing the stress away!

Listen for at least a few minutes to judge each before you move on to the next. I understand that there are different preferences but sometimes it might just be a bad joke and not necessarily a bad comic.

Women Can Make Anything An Insult. K-Von - Full Special

Hispanic Parenting Fails - Dennis Gaxiola - Full special

When To Lie To Your Wife. Marty Simpson - Full Special

If You're Single, Watch This. Spencer James - Full Special

Best Impression of a Kid You've Ever Seen. Eric O'Shea - Full Special

When You're A White Dude From The Hood. Myles Weber

Political Correctness Has Gone Too Far. Rob Little - Full Special

You Don’t Know Your Mom Is Crazy Until You’re Older. Jose Sarduy - Full Special

Children Will Financially Ruin You. Tom Simmons - Full Special

Some of these we actually rewatch during the year because they are solid comedy. Which one of these did you like the most? Which one just didn't cut it for you? See you next week with the next list!

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