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Youtube 2021 Edition: Psychology

A list I am pleased with and enjoyed watching this past year. I hope that these will give you another look at life and how other lifestyles play out. Some good. Some bad. But all a very human experience. Let's enjoy taking a look at some specific stories this time around. Of course, the first two would make it on our list as we started to watch a little more on other Autistics learning only a few years ago that we are both also Autistic. What insight!

Autistic traits are HUMAN traits: depathologising the autistic experience

Sia's Autism Movie is Terrible & Insulting

Wrath of Jodi

Jennifer's Solution

Christmas with Cliff

Victoria's Secret Karen (Abigail Elphick) | Dangers of Having No Sense of Shame

Alicia Esteve Head (Tania Head) | Fake World Trade Center Survivor

The Human Garbage Disposal

Ok, the last was a bit disgusting but fascinating that people like this exist. It is surprising that these days, you can focus on ONE aspect of life and make a whole channel about it. Which profile interested you the most? Which one are you the most surprised exists?

Enjoy your weekend!!

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