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Youtube 2021 Edition: Let's Learn 3

We are back with another list! This one is a fun list that will get you thinking. Which one are you going to watch first?

Will China follow in the footsteps of the former Soviet Union? China vs. the U.S. Mars Rovers

Why Shrek Has Aged So Much Better Than Other Movies

Why We Find Rainforests in Unexpected Places

I messed up. You're using too much detergent.

Young Inventor Makes Bricks From Plastic Trash | World Wide Waste

The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese's...What Happened?

Mortician Breaks Down Dead Body Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

Mortician Answers MORE Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Brown; color is weird

I really didn't need to write much about them. I think they all kind of speak for themselves.

Hope you liked this list! See you next week!

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