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Youtube 2021 Edition: Let's Learn 2

Yes!! Part 2 of the Let's Learn playlist! This one has quite a few interesting videos that I will go over. There are EIGHT very different topics but all very fascinating. Tell me which one you learned something from!

This one below was very cool. His craft, in itself, is very complex and delicate. But he likes to up the challenge and tries new things. This is just so much fun to watch being created!

Scientific Glass Blower Makes Beer Glasses | WIRED

Ok, this one is following a really good YouTube channel that goes into details of how the body works with some visual on how it looks in the body. Don't watch this while eating food unless you have a strong stomach.

5 Craziest Things I've Found In Dead Bodies

Oh, man. This one. This one is really sad but the immense surprise of what happened makes this video worth watching. Just because of this video, I'm a huge fan of Minky Momo.

The Curse of Minky Momo | Anime's Unluckiest Magical Girl

He isn't wrong. I started watching them to help me understand the process of how screenwriting takes. It's similar to writing regular stories, but I want to learn that extra layer of turning into an imaginative visual! They have many great videos I'd recommend anyone watch a few of.

Why 99% Of Movies Today Are Garbage - Chris Gore

I don't remember exactly why we added this...but it was on our list! Watch it and see why we may have added this to one of our top yearly lists!

How America's Largest Cast Iron Pan Factory Makes Almost Two Million Pans per Month — Dan Does

I am now so upset with Power Rangers. Well, at least those in charge. This story is very shocking and surprising. Makes me take another look at Power Rangers these days.

The REAL Reason The Original Power Rangers Were Fired

Though this is a little political, it is also very connected to the cultural and spiritual aspects of China. We have been following this channel for a while, observing the various patterns they have been going through due to the CCP. This was just interesting to see as history is trying to rewrite itself. The world is constantly shifting and changing every second. We are just so unaware!

Temples in China: A modern and dazzling world/Beijing tightens its control of religion

We got excited watching this. We are eager on trying to melt our own scrap metal to collect. There is so much free metal everywhere, we could have fun collecting, sorting, and melting them into small bars or coins. This video had some really great tips.

How To Make Money Scrapping Metal For Beginners - Scrap Metal Tips, What To Look For

With that, you have a good list of videos to watch this weekend! Which of these are you most interested in watching first? Which one the least? And which one surprised you and was better than you expected?

So many more lists ahead. Lots of great things for you to watch so see you next friday!

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