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Youtube 2021 Edition: Let's Learn 1

Ok, this is going to be the longest list of our YouTube 2021 Edition lists! This will be a three-parter so it will be spaced out to give you time to let the information soak in.

Let's get into it, shall we?

Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents - (Part One) | WIRED

This one is fascinating and I do recommend you follow up with the other two videos that come after this one. I knew we had a lot here...but this many!?

Why the Jedi NEVER Recruited from Certain Species

Whenever someone says that people are kind by nature just corrupted by their surroundings...even the Jedi didn't agree with that. Neither of us are Star Wars fans but this was very interesting to watch.

Construction of spherical tanks by explosive method. Explosive Hydroforming.

These are just so fun to watch.

Inflating Metal - Hydroforming Experiments Compilation

More!! More!! Just quite satisfying to watch.

The Rise And Fall Of Twinkies | Rise And Fall

We didn't care for Twinkies but the rise and fall of this iconic snack had an amazing save these past few years. Quite impressed and in awe of how they saved this sinking ship.

How Animal Hides Are Made Into Parchment At The Last Workshop In The US | Still Standing

We just love learning about various trades and skills not as well known in modern times.

Vintage Hotdog Cooker VS New Hotdog Cooker, Which Is Better?

This was just funny to watch. Some new things to learn about it as well!

Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

This one was both fun and fascinating. Some random thoughts you may have had about dead bodies (or didn't even know), could be covered in this video. He's a fun character that definitely fits the Mortician look...after you get past the young, light, and intelligent personality he has. Aren't we all used to seeing old fogey guys doing this job? He still fits.

Which one was the most interesting? See you next week with the next list!

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