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Youtube 2021 Edition: Jeremy Dewitte

Ok I'm pretty sure we covered Jeremy Dewitte last year, didn't we? Well, there were more much more that we had to stop collecting videos about this trainwreck. But the story is just so fascinating that these are some key points to see what kind of crazy Florida man this person is.

All I can say is have fun jumping down this wild rabbit hole!

Jeremy Dewitte Explanations - Part 1

Serial Police Impersonator Blackmails His Mother For Money, Part II

Jeremy Dewitte Calls 911 during two Domestic Violence incidents

The 9-1-1 Calls With Jennifer & Jeremy Dewitte - With Closed Captioning & Cleaned Up Audio

When Crazy Meets Crazy: Jennifer Burton & Jeremy Dewitte

Jeremy Dewitte & Metro State on WWE Wrestling!

This one was just too funny. Did you look into the ambulance? Does it look prepared for picking up patients?

Domestic Violence Update + Those Chicago Chairs: Day in the Life of Jeremy Dewitte

If you listen to the 911 calls made by both his wife and his all screams abuser. As a domestic violence survivor myself, this is very worrisome and we do worry about the child that is involved. But watch how he just plays off the story.

Jeremy Dewitte Has Did It Again

Not a real Jeremy video but a hilarious edit that kind of fit his life legacy. Watch this once you feel like you got the feel of his story.

Craigslist Predator Sting: The Arrest of Dylan Vogt

His brother. Jeremy's family is just as crazy.

I can't believe he stayed out of jail for a long as he did. There were so many illegal activities he was personally recording HIMSELF that should have done him in. But the story of WHY that is is just as crazy too.

Hope you enjoy this fun ride. It is a story that we can actually keep up with as more and more information is still being shared about his activities.

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