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Youtube 2021 Edition: Humor 1

The next list is a fun one! (Not like they all aren't fun). But as the title states, it focuses on humor. Had to separate them into two lists so expect more in two weeks. Some may make sense why we placed it in our playlist while others may make no sense. Though we still hope they amuse you.

Hope you enjoy!

Bouncing manhole cover spotted in Denver

Since we lived in Denver at one point (and can recognize where this was), it just held a lot more humor for us than we thought it would. Good thing the covers are rounded! Love how certain designs are well thought out.

Uncle Roger ROASTED BY CELEBRITY CHEF (ft. Chef Wan)

Sometimes the channel is hilarious on its own. Sometimes the people they feature in a video help MAKE the video. The banter and hilarity between these two made it a lot of fun to watch!

Watch People Die Inside - The GREATEST Edition Ever

Normally we don't add compilations since we don't always like or agree with everything put into it. However, there are somewhere either most of them we laughed at or there were a few that just made the whole video worth it. I forgot which one this is but it won't matter since you will have different preferences anyway. Which ones from this compilation did you find the most hilarious? And the least?

Best and Funniest Air Traffic Control Conversations

When you think ATCs are all professional and funny things you wouldn't expect being said at work over air ways. So just listening to these makes me realize how human everyone is.

Markiplier meets Lady Dimitrescu

If you know the humorous connection between Markiplier and Lady Dimitrescu...then you will find this hilarious. If you don't know the'll still be funny. He has a thing for tall/big ladies...

Raising the 11foot8 bridge by 8 inches

There are quite a few videos featuring the destruction from a bad choice. The bridge was even raised but yet STILL there were a few more incidences. Crashes are fun to watch.

What Is Your "What The Heck Is Wrong With You" Story?

A lot of these we tend to listen to in the background as we clean or draw. This one had quite a few REALLY funny stories. Have you experienced anything like this or have heard of a funny one yourself? We want to hear it!

What the HELL is Elf Bowling the Movie? - Christmas Crap

This. Is. Weird. There are movies where you wonder how someone (or group of people) could seriously work on a project and not stopped at least ONCE to make sure that what they are doing has a good level or minimal acceptability. Though sometimes there are some movies that are so bad...that they are good. It just became a hilarious movie. So watch this review and see if you are going to enjoy this special movie during Christmas this year!

Now that ends this list and hope you had a lot of good laughs! Enjoy your weekend!!

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