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Youtube 2021 Edition: Gaming

How can we have a list that doesn't include gaming? There have been some great games released (or we recently found) during this past year. Though we didn't add a lot of them in as they didn't stand out where we wanted to mention them. Take for example this first one. I know it caught your eye, didn't it? The bright color and the...yes, you guessed it. KFC's Colonel Sanders. There are other parts to this which I encourage you to continue watching if you enjoyed the first one. For those who don't like these types of games....please just watch a little of it. At least for the appreciation of the time and effort, many people went through to create THIS. It's very well done and impressive the quality of it.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! - THE KFC DATING SIM! Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

I don't think I really need to say much more about this, do I? Enjoy!

911 Paramedic - brutalmoose

When old, simple video games are so bad they turn amusing. I didn't grow up with this game but I do remember growing up in that era with this quality of games. Sometimes the creators were beyond their time as the tools to complete their vision weren't available yet. We will let you evaluate this one for yourself.

Tony Hawk: Ride - brutalmoose

With his videos, at times it is the game and at times it is the way he presents his experience with the game. I think this time it was definitely a little of both.

Real Bomb Squad Defuses A Bomb In Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes • Professionals Play

This game was more impressive than 'fun'. Unless you enjoy extremely stressful challenges. (ok sometimes we do too). It was impressive to watch these two work well together communicating simply and effectively. I would sadly have to say my mind doesn't work that way and we can't communicate that smoothly. If anything, my husband and I have been working on creating our own language. Would you and your best friend and/or significant other be able to complete this?


Markiplier comes across some great unique games. Luckily these are normally short games with very simple to complex ideas and play. We have been able to come across amazing pieces of work that help inspire us in our own game creation endeavors. The first in this video...has very strong language but is HILARIOUS. So if you don't like swearing then probably skip to the second game.

So what do you think of this list? What did you like or dislike? Hope you enjoyed this list and see you next week!

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