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YouTube 2021 Edition: Art and Music 1

Ok this list ended up being a bit longer than expected. I couldn't really separate them as Art or Music since it was a bit...a very bit lopsided and some of the music is added in with the art. Either way, this will definitely be an enjoyable list!

This list I would recommend watching when you can sit back and relax while having a nice meal or beverage at hand. Enjoy!

Dungeons & Dragons: Rap Edition Part 2

Caught Between Worlds - WEIRD DVD Review - Chad & Ian

Google Translate Sings: "The Sound of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel)

I Painted a 30 POUND Underwater Resin Diorama!

Tribal People Try Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

How This Guy Makes Record-Breaking Balloon Sculptures | Obsessed | WIRED

How This Woman Makes Mesmerizing Light Sculptures | Obsessed | WIRED

Sony's UNCANCELLED Popeye Movie!

Woodturning Walnut, Straws & Resin

Ok. so this list had a lot of surprises. Each of them was fun and exciting the first time we watched them and I know we will enjoy watching them again. They each have their unique level of impressiveness that I'm sure we will find in the second half of this list!

Which one surprised you the most? Which one did you just not care for?

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