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Youtube 2021 Edition: Action

Well by the time I got around to editing this post ready for publication, one of the videos had already been taken down. Sadness. But enjoy the rest of the list that is provided below! Again, which one caught your attention? Which one interested you the most? Which one did you maybe not like the most? Enjoy!

Fake Cop Makes Traffic Stop, Gets Arrested by Real Cop (Complete Footage)

Bizarre Behavior After Woman Strikes Boat with Her Car | San Diego

Bikini Clad Trespasser wants to date responding Officer

24 Levels of Butterfly Knife Tricks (Balisong): Easy to Complex

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN MOVIES - Worse (and better) Than You Remember

Hilariously Dumb Shark Movies

JIU JITSU (2020) - A Garbage Fire Starring Nicolas Cage

Some of these 'action' videos are more humorous than you think...but seem to be more focused on action than 'humor' right? right?

Anyways, hope you enjoy this list and enjoy your weekend!

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