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Our Faves of 2020: YouTube Edition 2020.9

This topic is more about technology and innovation. We love to look at the world through different lenses and seeing how these additions to our society can improve life. Or at least help explain it. It looks like a bit of a random mixture but you'll see the pattern if you watch a few of them. Which are you going to look at first?

11 Levels of Origami: Easy to Complex | WIRED

What’s Going On With Facial Recognition? | Untangled

Pill Bottle Small Parts Storage

DIY Ferrocell, View Magnetic Fields with Ferrofluid | Magnetic Games

The Best 3D Object on the Planet?

Can You 3D Print Functional Tools?

A lot of these touch upon some interests of ours or projects we would like to do ourselves. Such as the 3D print items and what designs can be found on Thingiverse. Did any of these videos catch your attention? Did you find one actually interesting that you didn't think you would care about? What did you like about it?

Well that takes care of our YouTube favorites of 2020! We are still curating the 2021 list and will release it the beginning of 2022 to enjoy. So keep a lookout for those if you are interested in the rare gems we find. Hope you enjoyed these lists and see you soon at the YouTube Edition of 2021 in 2022!

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