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Our Faves of 2020: YouTube Edition 2020.8

Well, I guess there is another list of humor. But this time Comedians! These will be great to listen to as you complete some chores this weekend or just sit back with a cold drink (or warm) and enjoy the fun! You don't want to miss ANY of these.

More than funny | Michael Jr. | TEDxUniversityofNevada

New York Is The Grossest City On The Planet. Joe Larson

It's Not Racist, It's Just Funny. K-von

Vegans Don't Have Friends. Collin Moulton - Full Special

Crazy Transplant Mixup. Tim Young - Full Special

It’s Not Racist if it’s True. BT - Full Special

Your First Colonoscopy. Bob Stromberg

Be Careful Who You Bully. Orlando Baxter - Full Special

The Dire Consequences Of Eating 2 Burritos. Steve Soelberg

Never Mix A Wiener With A Golden Retriever. Mike Brody - Full Special

Driver's Ed Teacher. Marc Yaffee - Full Special

Men Don't Want To Be Women. Jeff Shaw - Full Special

Do This If Your Wife Won’t Shave Her Legs. Larry Omaha - Full Special

Finding A Wife. Nazareth - Full Special

Dungeons & Dragons: Wild West Edition

Had fun? These were a blast, weren't they? Which one was your favorite? The last wasn't so much as a stand-up but they are all pretty much comedians. They are very clever in incorporating various topics into their D&D campaigns. I still miss a lot of the references that seem to speed through. One last list left! See you next Friday.

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