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Our Faves of 2020: YouTube Edition 2020.6

Updated: May 4, 2022

Years ago I was confused as to why so many kids watched others play games online. Until I realized I love watching how games play out...but don't really have the time or patience (or money) to get the game and play it myself. Also, how would I know I would love the game if I don't know how the gameplay is? It also helps to watch people who are fun and exciting to watch play such games. We have encountered quite a few gems from watching others try new games.

It also helps that when they are playing games, I can multitask and work on something else. I have a habit, since I was a young kid, of needing to do something while watching TV. This used to be drawing, playing with clay, or making some kind of craft. It is still the same today though sometimes it is to avoid some unpleasant feelings (anticipation and anxiety are VERY similar to me and it makes me uncomfortable). So I'll kind of clean the room or work on my many projects. John seems to not mind and may be scrolling on his phone while we watch too. Our minds race too much to where we need to be focusing on something while doing at least a little physical movement. If we are so exhausted that we just sit and watch without a secondary activity...then we are close to just going to bed!

Anyways enough of that. These are some great games or playthroughs. A lot of them are from the YouTube channel Let's Game It Out. He really pushes games to their limits and sees what kind of glitches or errors he can cause. It gives you a new insight on how games are made or what possibilities computer programming can accomplish. Though we DO watch a lot of Markiplier...most of the games he plays or sometimes how he plays aren't as interesting. Or annoying. Such as him playing Pogostuck where he obviously sucked at it and made over 10 videos just on that. Plus the game was boring to is literally the same thing just with different images. So we want to add videos were it is fascinating and you either can learn something from it or will just REALLY enjoy it.

AFTERCHARGE - Sneaky Robot Mayhem - Let's Game It Out (First Look At Multiplayer)

It's You: A Breakup Story - CLICK! OOPS THE CALL "DROPPED" - Let's Game It Out

Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

What Never Was - An AMAZING Free Game - Let's Game It Out (Full Playthrough)

La Rana - Incredibly Relaxing and Charming - Let's Game It Out (Full Playthrough)

Jerk Aliens Broke Our Afterlife, We're Getting Even - Alien Afterlife gameplay - Let's Game It Out

i said "no" when asked to be a good person

The Hardest Roles to Fill on a Game Development Team!

Ok so the last video wasn't necessarily about any game but the building of a game. This video was actually very fascinating and informative.

Which of these videos interested you the most? Was it the gamer playing the game? Was it the game? Was it something else? Were you interested in buying any of these games? If so....which one?

We have 3 more lists for you so keep an eye out for it every Friday!

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