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Once Again! YouTube Favorites Edition 2021!

Celebrate the year of fun videos found in 2021 at the beginning of 2022 together~

We are going to continue our little tradition for a second year. Every year we add our top favorite YouTube videos to a playlist and share them during the beginning of the new year with you! Staying home a lot more this year means watching more videos. So this year there are quite a few more to cover than last time. Our tastes tend to change so there are a few new topics. There are a few lists that are a little long so we may split them into multiple posts. Stand-up comedy ended up being long enough to be on its own list since the humor list was just a little too long. (And usually focusing on a different kind of humor anyway.)

2021 List or Lists:

  1. Travel

  2. Let's Learn

  3. Humor

  4. Stand-up

  5. Action

  6. Gaming

  7. Food

  8. Animals

  9. Psychology

  10. Art & Music

  11. Jeremy Dewitte

  12. Rated R

I'm going to explain the lists a little bit and a heads up that they may not be published in this order.

Travel- Sadly we weren't able to travel and with our funds and a new family member added, we will have to postpone our travels, We do love to watch videos around the world and plan future destinations. Since we can't be there, we can still experience a piece of it from the comfort of our own home.

Let's Learn- Fascinating topics that teach you a little something about our world. We learned many new things this year from these.

Humor- is exactly as it states and was separated into another list focusing on Stand-up comedy specifically.

Action- Also states what it is going to cover.

Gaming- This list wasn't as long as last year. Some games were just...ok. Sometimes it is the person playing the game that makes the video.

Food- Guess what this covers?

Animals- Some of these are short but adorable and cute. You'll definitely want to watch these!!

Psychology- These are usually observing human behavior or human patterns. There is so much we can learn from people and this topic is one of our favorites. These usually are dense with information and very engaging (and some hilarious).

Art & Music- Fun light stuff focusing on people's expression and interpretation of the world. These I definitely want you to see!

Jeremy Dewitte- This story is crazy. Just Crazy. If you have time to kill and want to get into a story wilder than the Tiger King!

Rated R- Some NSFW videos are not suited for those younger than 21. They aren't over the top porn or gore but they do pass the threshold that kids should not watch them. These will be behind a paywall as an agreement that you are above the age of 21 and allowed to see these. If you are an adult and do like some more adult-like humor, this list may be for you. Also, don't worry, it won't even cost a dollar. But adults only, please.

Like before, we will be releasing these lists every Friday for you to enjoy during the weekend. Let's enjoy each week with some fun and interesting videos. Here we go 2022!

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