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ATC Watercolor'n'Pen

Did you know you only need a *little* bit of watercolor to go far? Have you tried it while using a colored brush pen? Try it out and see for yourself whether you like it or not!

Assess Your Materials

With this version, you'll have two splotches of watercolor ink dried to a card and a brush pen that will double as your watercolor paintbrush. Depending on what color you have, your colors will have a slight color difference than if with a regular paintbrush. You also have two watercolor ATC Blanks and two ATC Backings, a blank strip of watercolor paper, and a black colored pencil.

[You'll need a little bit of water and a paper towel for this project]



Use your watercolor paper strip to test out the colors and your brush. Play around with how the colors work together (or don't) and create two ATC designs based on the pallette range you can produce. It's ok if you can only create one block of color! Monochrome is still a widely loved style!



Using the pencil (if you wish), lightly sketch out an idea that comes to mind that works with your color pallete.



As you are painting your outline, focus on the paint being used, the color, the amount of water it needs to be the right range of color you were expecting, or how the brush bends and moves. What do you enjoy about this process? What don't you enjoy? Does that affect the finished result of your card whether you keep it or not?

Useful Resources

watercolor atc video

watercolor atc video

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