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Crafty Card Collective 2024

Dive into the joy of crafting with us!  No artistic experience is required—just bring your enthusiasm! From easy DIY projects to friendly chats, our crafting group is a welcoming space for everyone. Join us, make new friends, and discover the fun side of creating together! (If you don't wanna chat but craft around others, we can accommodate!)

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What-to-Expect when coming to our events!

-You'll park to the right of the building in a large, open parking lot.

-You'll head through the front doors and either take the elevator or the stairs up one level

-Follow to the right, through the open doors until you hit a large tree.

-Scooch to the right and follow it to the curved wall facing the large glass-walled room.

-Follow the wall to the right to slip to the other side and ta-dah!

We are a very laid-back group. Feel free to bring anything you want or come with nothing and enjoy everything we have to offer. If you happen to have any pre-made Artist Trading Cards with you, bring them to trade or show-off! We love looking at ideas, inspiration and creativity!


No skill required, just an open mind that wants to enjoy the process of creating and looking to interact with others. Great for groups wanting a friends night out, a place to relax or looking for new friends to create with, we got you here!

Just pull up a chair and we'll talk you through the Month's Theme!

Let's Roll Out the Monthly Themes!

Each month we will focus on a general theme to either, teach, refresh, or experiment with. If the theme doesn't interest you, feel free to try whatever comes to mind with what is provided. Further month's details will be revealed as the year goes on. Check back monthly!


Backgrounds! What else is the best way to cover the basics of ATCs? We will be doing more than just 'coloring' the backgrounds. Simple techniques can make the COOLEST ATC Blanks to work on!


Storage // Displays // Tools! You either have a collection or you want to start a collection of cards but don’t know where to start. We will have examples and, as supplies last, a few freebies for you to grab! Maybe a binder with a card page insert, or a cute little frame to display your FAVORITE art piece in. If you don’t care to collect cards and just want to create, we will have some fun crafty tools for you to play around with!


Art Therapy! 
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are emphasizing Art Therapy in ATCs! Having trouble communicating or processing emotions? We can teach you to use this method to help you maintain your well-being. We have personally done this for years and love the connection or impact a small card can have to convey a message. These cards don’t have to be shared or you can take a sheet home to work on privately.
Your health matters.


Mixed Media! Learn to layer your choice of media switching between watercolors, acrylics, pens, crayons, colored pencils, papers, stickers, embellishments, and more!


Carton Faces! Ever had so many egg cartons that you aren’t sure what to do with them? Well, let’s recycle them! Turn them into 3D faces or figures to create some cute eye-popping art.


Recycle! Stretch your mind and experiment with what's around you. We will get to try out materials you may see every day around your house and use cheap or free materials to create spectacular results. We will have a unique challenge where you will be able to win something!


Embellishments! This event will be in tandem with the previous month and we would highly recommend you bring those backgrounds to this session. Learn some different embellishment styles you can create and use for your cards. Simple and creative that have you looking at things a little differently!


Shaker Cards! Shaker Cards were a HUGE hit last year and eagerly asked for this year. Not only do we have layers for this card but moving parts inside?! Fill these little windowed cards with glitter, beads, and trinkets, and see them shake!


Clear Tape! Glitter, stickers, beads, embellishments...if it can stick, it could work! Join us for a little experimentation and have fun playing around with all our material options.


Positive and Negative Space! Some Art Basics in a not-so-basic way. Learn the cool designs of playing with positive and negative space when it comes to ATCs. Simple, yet a complex result worth experiencing!


Sew Cool! Sew Sew Cool! Though we aren’t great at Sewing, we want to include this unique and fun method to introduce various media that ATCs can be created with. Try your hand whether it’s your first time, tried it before, or an expert willing to share your expertise with others. Let’s all learn and have fun!


Window Cards! Create little scenes through your window using either 1 layer to multiple layers. Multiple formats and your imagination can take it anywhere. Does your window look out into the street? Does it look out into an alien planet? Does it focus on a person? What is beyond your window?

Don't forget to download this year's schedule!

Willing to Donate Some Time to Help Us Grow?


Task: Advertise

Print out ads for our event and post them on any community board or invite others to join. See if there are any locations up for installing an Art Trade Board to get more people creating and visiting to trade art.
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