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Services We Can Provide

We've honed a diverse array of skills and are here to assist you. Need help with something? Our services come at affordable rates catering to all budgets. Feel free to drop us a message, and let's discuss the specifics!

Graphic Design

Looking for a Business Logo? Sticker Design? Designer Paper for a specific project? We can help! We also sell the license for the design for your sole commercial purposes at affordable prices.



First Steps Entrepreneurship

Embarking on a business venture without a clear roadmap? Allow us to provide the guidance you need. From brainstorming and in-depth research to resource allocation and meticulously outlining your next strategic moves, we pave the path towards financial solvency. An initial nominal fee is typically required, followed by subsequent payments contingent upon your success. While collaboration is vital as we collectively work towards solutions, your dedicated efforts will inevitably pave the way for your triumph.


Crafty Kit Creations

Need a craft activity for a group with a designated focus? Or something fun that includes specific art materials? Let us know the details and we can pull everything together for you including instructions! 

" I am looking for art kits for a group of 8-12-year-olds using paper, glue, scissors, and tissue paper to create something that connects with our class lesson having to do with illumination. I will need 17 kits"
"I am looking for a craft activity to do with seniors who have difficulty with using their hands but still want to try drawing."
(With donated recycled crayons, I am able to provide larger crayons for easy handling for those who may have hand difficulties.)

Just send us an email to go over the details! We can also adjust the kits to fit any budget!


Resource Research

Are you in search of comprehensive insights on a particular topic, unsure of where to initiate your research? Alternatively, do you have a project in mind but require guidance on its execution? Allow us to provide our expertise. Our service entails curated recommendations encompassing books—both for purchase and available at libraries—research papers, articles, YouTube videos, and websites, each meticulously selected. Our evaluation of these resources and subsequent explanations lend clarity to their relevance. Constructive feedback on the resources presented further refines our understanding of your requirements, culminating in a comprehensive action plan.


Let's Work Together

Send us a message even if you aren't sure. We are searching to expand our skills and knowledge and if it is something up our alley but we aren't fully capable of it, we are willing to still help where we can for a minimal fee to completely free. Or we may direct you to resources to help you where we cannot.

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