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ATC Blanks

A quick guide going over how to make your own Artist Trading Card Blanks to work with. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of materials other than paper or cardboard! Just please keep the items clean and hygenic thanks!

making BLANK ATC’s video

making BLANK ATC’s video

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Collect Materials

An easy and cheap way to get some sturdy ATC blanks is to cut up clean product packaging. Save them from being thrown away and process them to be used!



Product packaging will need to be pulled apart (or cut apart) so that it can be laid flat. Cut off the flaps while keeping the largest pieces to be cut into 2.5"x3.5" sized cards.



We used our handy ATC Acrylic Size Guide to help measure and cut our blanks! We sell them in our store [here]. Feel free to make a size guide of your own at home from some sturdy material!



Try a wide range of materials to see what you like working with. We typically have a pile of recycled materials that collects for a week or two and then processed at once. It's a lot of fun to see what you can try out!


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