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Artist Trading Card
Acrylic Size Guides
and Themed Jar Kits

Want to purchase a few items to add to your ATC experience and fun? We have our own designed and handmade products: Acrylic ATC Size Guides and Themed Jar Kits*!

Take a look below to see what we have!


ATC Size Guides

Looking to make some ATC blanks at home but don't want to spend too much time measuring? Or looking for a tool that also helps measure and provide angles for designs? This is the tool for you!
Easy to use, you just position the Size Guide over the material you are cutting with the ability to see through to your paper below. This also allows you to see where the design will sit once you cut it out with your guide. Four quick cuts and the perfect-sized ATC blanks can be created in SECONDS! 

$10 ea or 3 for $27!
S&H is $2 unless you can pick it up from one of our monthly events or Who Gives a Scrap Art Swap events. 

If you are looking for a custom-designed ATC Size Guide, prices will start at $15 each.

Artist Trading Cards
Themed Jar Kits

Looking for a great little curated themed kit that includes everything needed to create on the go? Kits can cover 2-5 people and can either be focused on drawing or on collage or a little of both. 

Or bring a kit to work for your desk to use as a means to destress and relax. Bring to a birthday party or anniversary as a fun activity. 

Stickers and Themes will be pre-decided based on available materials. Most, if not all, materials will be obtained from Who Gives a Scrap to help save art supplies from ending up at the landfill!

Each kit is $20 and the theme is based on the availability of upcycled/donated items.

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