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Up For Sale: Our Handmade Originals

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Starting this year we wanted to start selling our handmade items. Though we have made this attempt many times before, we were never successful. Either our anxiety or stress would make us quit to recover and try again years later just to rinse and repeat.

This year we aim to do differently. 2020 was the year we started keeping up with running a website. Started out pretty well. Wasn't long until 2021 where the main focus was just keeping up with adding to the website. I wanted this to be a collection of our experiences, discoveries, creations, and adventures. I wanted a record of our stories that we can share or refer back to. And I think we have done pretty well. Though writing and keeping up with little updates is difficult, we have at least kept in mind the different options that we can now use to do better down the line. Baby steps. That's all we can really ask for. As long as we just keep moving forward.

So this year we are adding sections to our website that will cover a few different things. A page to list our personally handmade items. A page to start getting deeper into one of the worlds I had started creating in 2006. Which is also going to connect to another page with adoptables and that sort of artwork. We hope to add more and expand during this year as well as we try to keep our stress levels down. We want to grow and with these challenges, we most certainly will!!

A quick look at the first items going to be added to the handmade section of our shop?

Keep in mind this side of our store is a little different. Instead of being given a price, you will be making an offer. Whatever you think it is worth. You will also have to cover shipping and handling so just keep that in mind.

What has been added is below!

There will be a separate page updated every so often with new items so check back a few times a month! Or you can message us to get the first look at upcoming items.

This year has tons of new and exciting things happening!

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