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Another Inktober Challenge of 2021!

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Yes, I did three Inktober challenges last year though not all of them were completed within the October deadline. This one, #thewitchyhut2021, I did a spin-off after I completed the #ultrangeltober challenge which you can see here. After getting into drawing and cutting out pieces to use, I saw the excitement of adding depth and interaction with my art and proceeded to try out an idea that came to mind after I saw the prompt.

>>I can't seem to find the prompt I used and I will update this when I come across it<<

For this prompt, there weren't 31 total, one for each day of the month. I believe there were only about 1-3 per week. From potion bottles, tarot cards, pumpkins, ghosts, eyes etc. Each little item added here was one of the prompts. You can see the first image is a mess of some of the pieces that I made and cut out, ready to be assembled.

Some items were glued down after I figured out where I wanted everything placed. I'm not working on a lot of space and that is actually my table is very small and I tend to spread out many items as I tend to also work on a lot of projects at once, hoping from one to the other.

Below is the completed piece!! The cabinet opens to reveal inside...

...a cute ghost!

This was really fun and I want to make more. However, not until I figure out a good way to display these that you can also interact with them. Ideas for the backburner. I have some forming but no time or energy pandora's box...

Anyway, please take a look at my other Inktober challenges of 2021! If we have time next year, we will come up with our own list so come back in September to see what's in store for the month. =) Hope to see you in next year's Inktober challenge of 2023!

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