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Inktober 2021 Challenge

Every year I have wanted to participate in an inktober challenge. Every year, during the whole month of October, there are prompts you can follow to complete a drawing a day (or sometimes less). Last year I picked @universeofmarkers (Instagram) 31 days of Halloween Tales prompt list! Since I have been wanting to draw/flesh out my original characters more, this was a perfect list. I started slowly to try and focus on sticking with this through one month. Also with Autism, my obsessions can randomly come and go. Lasting for a few hours or a few days and then dropping out of mental existence for months. Having consistency on something that isn't producing a strong stimulus constantly, is almost impossible. And our schedules tend to turn hectic a few weeks out of every month at best.

But I completed the challenge! I think I managed to complete the whole challenge within the month...but so much has happened since then that I honestly cannot recall. (I guess I mentioned it in my Instagram post back then so I could go back and check...)

Whatever. Let's take a look at it all!

I wanted to write out a story using the illustrations I made off of this list so here we go! See if you can guess what is happening based on the images and prompts!

Feat. Michelle's Original Characters, twins Jewel Krystice and Crowne Krystice. They were created in 2006 and I've been bringing them back to work with, for the past year or so. I scribbled them just trying to be consistent and make sure I get them all done by the end of the month. I also was really stuck on these pastel highlighters we got so I wanted to focus on using those colors specifically. (With some exception for the twin's outfits)

Now that I look back...this doesn't make sense. >.> You'll see why later on.

I know I messed up on the hands...I don't like it either but I did like the rest of it. lol

After I completed the card I realized it said 'statues'. I was already done and ready to move on so...that's that.

I ended up really liking this after dreading drawing this for a few days. My inspiration wasn't helping and my motivation was almost gone by this point. Life was getting busy and I had no energy to find inspiration for this.

On the 25th I decided I wanted to try and make the photographs look nice too. =D

So I'll also simplify the last ones in a gallery.

I think that sums up that. I was going to try again in October 2022 but by the time I realized it was October and thus 'Inktober', it was already like, the 16th. We had a really rough beginning of the month so it made sense that it never crossed our minds.

For 2023, I also want to have my own set of prompts! We shall see what we are able to do next year! Would you like to participate as well?

If you would like to see the other Inktober challenge I completed in 2021 (but did in November) then click here! I did paper piecing to create angel art which spun off another huge obsession I'm STILL doing over a year later.

Thanks for taking a look at my results for Inktober's challenge of 2021! =)

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