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#ultrangeltober Inktober Challenge (in November)

I really liked the idea of completing lists and trying to stay with a theme for quite a few pieces based on prompts provided. I picked out a LOT of lists I would like to try but this one caught my eye. Even though I was more than a week into my chosen October list. I didn't want to restart and was wanting the challenge of the other list too. So I saved it for the next month. I would've done another in December but things got a little too hectic with too many various projects still needing to be done.

That being said. I went with @Ultra.Infinite's #ultrangertober inktober challenge and tried to complete it in November. I wasn't able to but did finish about a week or so into December. (Also why I didn't pick up a new list). I wanted a fun challenge, not to stress myself out. I noticed I tend to do these in batches as I can't keep pulling my mind into the right mindset to work on them daily as intended.

Either way, I am quite proud of the results. Based on @Ultra.Infinite's artwork and an earlier inspirational piece I made based on their artwork style...I decided that would be the method chosen for this list. Draw out pieces (i.e. eyes, hands, wings, halos, etc), cut them out, and then arrange them to be glued down. There were of course a few I wasn't fully pleased with but quite a few more I fell in love with!

I use old cardboard boxes from products (and food, only if no actual food touches the box) to reuse in these projects. I draw on them and then cut them out. Sometimes the pictures just make themselves when I mix them together.

The picture below is the art piece that was inspired by @Ultra.Infinite's work.

It's not refined to finished but I love it. It's more of a constant inspirational piece for me. The frame was from DollarTree surprisingly and it just pulled it all together.

Without further ado, let's begin! First Set of 9:

In this set, I think my favorites are Feather, Sword, and True Form. I do like parts of Sword and Ring and will use those aspects again. My desk was in a mess while I organized other projects so I used a simple background.

I think I did well getting the first set done in one go but each list took a little more time more than the previous set.

Next Set of 9:

From this set, I really like All-Seeing, Serpent, and Winged. Most of these were experiments. For Cherub, I just wanted to. I had to. So I did. I do not regret it.

Next Set of 9:

My favorites from this set are Cathedral and Wrath. I am happy with the results of Lamassu, Sacred, Saintly, and Gold. This set was definitely a struggle. It became December during the creation of these. There were only a few more to go!

Last 4:

I learned what a Triptych was/meant. It was fascinating and fun to experiment with that one! My favorite though is Fallen while still pleased with how Triptych and Judgement turned out. But I just really like the balance and color combination of Fallen.

As I checked off one by one on the full list, I had them arranged on the wall so I could see my progress. They looked so cool!

Which combination looks the most balanced to you? I think the full set looks the best. This is the final layout as I finished up the last 10 on my list.

I did move them over to a hopefully, more permanent location. Also arranged them in order of the list provided by @Ultra.Infinite. Doesn't the set look amazing? I will be making more of these for fun.. Thinking about making some of them into stickers and pins.

I'm so proud of these. I know I should have posted these AFTER the October list (this was completed in Nov/Dec) but I haven't written the story yet and I don't have that creative mindset yet. Still waiting. =)

Which of these is your favorite? Which would you love to see as stickers or pins? Let us know and you may see it in our shop sometime soon!

I do have kits if you would like to try and make your own unique one yourself. Send me a message and we can arrange something!

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