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#Throwback Happy Halloween!

I typically love to make things for others when they inspire me to put the effort into it. Co-workers have been both amazing and terrible but at this particular job that I worked at, everyone was pretty much awesome. It was upper management and HR that was frustrating but I didn't deal with them much. I wanted to do something simple and fun for one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! Mostly because of the creative freedom you can have and the tons of various crafts that are out there! I do love the darker color combinations that include green, purple, black with occasional oranges. In the past, Halloween was never tainted by any former relationships and domestic violence so it still holds the pure joy and excitement I've always had when it rolls around.

So at this time a few years ago, I was working at UPS as a truck unloader. Though it was really tough work, I had fun and got a really great workout at the end of 4-hour shifts! I also bruise easily so if I ever wore shorts it looked like I got beat up badly. The people I worked with were really friendly and one co-worker was an awesome teammate when we paired up to unload the trucks. I'm proud to say I quickly reached the top of the manager's list of workers with my work ethic! Whenever the tough trailers came in, they tried to always pair me with it to get it done on time with minimal mistakes.

Queue the above picture! Because of the type of work I had and the environment I was in, I was limited on how to give gifts or have a little Halloween event for my fellow co-workers. This is how it works: You pick a ring attached to the top of the bag and see what is attached to it by a string attached. You would either randomly get a "treat" or a "trick". So basically a "Trick or Treat" in a bag!

I also have a weakness for puns. So I tried to make them punny. The person was allowed to keep the tag too and they all kept it. These were made on our extra material chip tags that can be picked up for free at Home Depot. I have been able to use these for quite a few different projects and crafts!

Below are the Tricks and Treats all tied up and ready to be placed into the bag. I believe I had about 25-30 different options. Some ended up not being used as some people did not show up that day and I was only going to bring it in for one day (the prior working day to Halloween). All the treats are artwork pieces by me made from that previous year. Oh wait I lied, I did include 2-3 candy options but I didn't want too many of those as options due to possible health concerns and people picky preferences. The artwork included Perler bead wall stick decor, bookmarks, magnets, necklaces, and a handmade book.

I look back at this with glee; as events like these that I am inspired to do, plan out and manage to follow through with, make me proud. I do agree and am quite pleased that I can still be proud to say that the term "creative" had followed me since I was a child and I can confidently agree and proudly describe myself as such. If you did something similar, what would you put in as prizes? Would you have done something differently? What would you do that is the same?

Let's see if this year I will be able to do another fun event like this.

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