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THREE Unique Anime Finds from FALL 2021!

It is a sad day when an anime you are very enraptured by, ends. Whether with the promise of another season or not, that break means you'll have to find new anime to fill those open time gaps once again. Forcing us to endure various anime from the over cliche to the plain boring to even the painfully cringe to watch. Of course, these searches will always reveal occasional gems. This Fall season, we have discovered three: Komi Can't Communicate, The Vampire Dies in No Time, and Ousama Ranking. The first two are a little similar where the main character has issues with speaking and uses other methods to communicate.

These three are beautiful and you should definitely give it a shot!

  1. Komi Can't Communicate

So adorable. Komi is just so adorable. She suffers greatly from a communication disorder and wants to have friends. We both love that this anime took this aspect very seriously and a bit more realistically. She struggles but takes little and more realistic steps towards being able to communicate with others. The speed of this anime is what the speed of the anime Kimi ni Todoke needed to be at. Komi Can't Communicate has a much better pace that keeps the anime flowing and exciting. The characters are vibrant and unique, each having an extreme deficit that adds to the plot. Having lived through extreme anxiety, there were a lot of situations we related to and were happy that it was much more accurate than how many animes portray it. We are rooting for you Komi!

2. Ousama Ranking

At first, we were getting annoyed with the character, later revealing the real reason which made more sense. (Annoyed with the same sense as Asta from Black Clover). At least this difference is setting up the story and approach differently. The difference? He's deaf. So of course his communication sounds will be different. He also figures out other methods of communicating such as sign language or gestures. The queen character quite impressed me and quickly became a favorite. The depth of each character is astounding and done with such care. Each episode expands the character a little more and deepens the complex tapestry. The world and struggles are well defined and explained as the story progresses. This is such a great series I look forward to enjoying the journey with!

3. The Vampire Dies in No Time

Ok, this definitely is a top favorite. Each episode consists of 3-4 little stories that are jam-packed full of fun. Crazy adventures and crazy stories about vampires and vampire hunters. Some of the stories are a little PG-13 but for adults, these are HILARIOUS! Highly recommend you watch it! Out of all the animes, this is the FIRST one I would always watch. If I wanted to end an episode on a good note, this one never fails to deliver.

Which of these will you try out in the new year? Pick any of these to start 2022 with joy in your heart!

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