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Job Evaluations: The New List

This is going to be a start of a new list that I have been planning to write since our last big job issue in Feb-June 2021. We are going to start evaluating jobs based on a CHRONIC ILLNESS EMPLOYEE perspective. Mostly focusing on Autism, PTSD, and chronic physical pain. We had stated upfront in the interview about our health issues and that we would need to work around these. They accepted us in knowing full well we told them. We WANT to work. We WANT to be productive. We WANT to feel proud of our work. We just don't want to work ourselves into the hospital again. I, personally, have lost almost half of my longer-term jobs due to health either needing a doctor's appointment that day or needing the ER. I have issues stopping myself before it goes too far. With every new job as we are becoming stronger in self-advocating, we are starting to pick up that though many may know ABOUT Autism (i.e. I knew this person, my relative had it, I grew up with my friend having it, etc...) doesn't mean anything about them KNOWING what Autism really is. If anything, it just sets them up for being insulting to actual Autistics down the line. But I digress as this is getting into a recent story.

In 2020, we both made agreements with all of our medical professionals that we would speak up sooner and make adjustments so we didn't hit that wall and hit burnout so early at a new job (Usually the people, never the job tasks mind you). As the years go on, we have improved to find the minute adjustments that make all the difference for us Autistics with chronic issues.

How am I going to go about this? Well, I won't try to mention names; though stating their position may give them away if you happen to go in. But I highly doubt you would do that right? Especially after reading our reviews of the place, you'll most likely just want to avoid there. We will state the issues we saw while working there (not connected to any of our health concerns), then point out our health issues with the various incidences or tasks we had to complete.

There needs to be a lot changed in the workplace when it comes to Autism. There needs to be understanding that there are little sensory issues that prevent us from doing many things. We understand it's ridiculous but it doesn't shut off our alarms and warnings being set off all the time. We shouldn't have to make those adjustments if it puts us in pain and many Neurotypicals don't understand that. We will get into that with each job we evaluate.

I may have to wait a bit before posting about certain jobs since the pain of working there can be fresh and intense for quite a few months after. If it sounds really angry or may have been posted too early but would have probably more details as they would be fresh. I will do my best to try and mellow them down and present them more professionally. This is a challenge I need to complete anyway.

I'm really to talk about the last position we worked at. I hope to have it posted sometime this week as there are many MANY issues that were blatant here that need to be addressed. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out what is going on and help others see what is going on when people are faced with certain jobs and how they process their existence. Not all Autism is the same and must be adjusted for each individual. This process is also to help us evaluate ourselves to be prepared to find a more fitting job for us both!

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