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Not What We Were Expecting

Then again what would you be expecting seeing the cover art for this?

Been taking a break from writing to focus on more drawing. I have a lot of writing plans I meant to start but my brain is refusing most concrete and left-brain tasks in favor of artistic endeavors. I know I'm behind but trying to juggle a lot and it's hard to sit and focus when my back is in constant pain.

But enough of that sadness. I wanted to share...actually WE wanted to share this surprisingly hilarious short anime. Each episode is only a few minutes long but full of fun. Though it's the typical poop/fart joke level...the presentation, storyline, and characters just make it so much funnier. So if you don't like that kind of humor, then you will most likely want to pass on this. (pun intended?)

For those who are curious and really need a laugh, go watch this and let loose.

We will get back to our regularly scheduled posting (YouTube 2021 Lists) next week!

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