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Three Fascinating Websites About Weird History!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Learn interesting and surprising facts about the world and its inhabitants from these three websites. I just had to share them and hope you enjoy some of the weird stuff they show. Feel free to share some fun finds so others can enjoy them! Keep some skepticism in your pocket, and research further into any topics that catch your eye.

This first one has some articles that I heavily doubt, though I have no evidence to prove them wrong. Weird Historian is a website that covers odd people, places, times, and events in history. However, they are fascinating and make you think: Could this have happened? If not in this scenario written, somewhere else? To someone else? Is it possible? Would this be a great story plot or character development? It's a great start to get ideas on what could have been, what is, or what could be. My favorite archive topics are human oddities, science, and even politics. Just because of Dan Rice who was a clown who ran for president. You could definitely waste a few hours on this website!

Next, is the website called Damn Interesting which has exactly what the title suggests. Various topics that are just damn interesting! On the home page, you can see the newest posts or the most popular ones. OR! You can do what we do for fun and click the three lines in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click 'random'. Like, want to know more about how interesting Tesla was? What is even wilder, I didn't even know he had his laboratory in Colorado Springs! That's where we lived! He was such a unique fellow that you should read up on him and his contributions to our lives today.

The last website is called Atlas Obscura, which is a guide to hidden wonders around the world. This is a good stop when planning out vacations or even some hometown stops on your day off. I checked Colorado locations and have been to a few of them. I saw some that were on my list for a while and tons of new places I'd love to see. I didn't even know there was a hotel decked out in Dino decor! What's wild is that it's also a Best little sister will probably love to see it either way. I'm finding new destinations I'd love to see and visit just in our backyard! Time to plan another road trip.

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