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Resin Printed DnD Figures by John

Though this is John's project and hobby, I'll be writing a little bit about it. So a month or so ago, John got a resin printer from a guy off of Craigslist selling his for a decent price. Slightly used but included quite a bit of extra to make up for it. John mostly wanted to play around with the device and learn more about it to create a vast amount of things. Before we decide if we want to really invest in this type of device.

It just so happens, we had been talking with his side of the family and they have been getting into DnD. So for their Christmas gifts, we planned on making some DnD figures for his siblings to use. John went a little overboard and printed far more than we should send at once.

A lot of these are the monsters that we tested out to be sent over. He is also wanting to sell a few of these as they look AMAZING and would be a lot of fun to have in any DnD game. I mean look at it. It's a pug lizard!

This evil spider portal is one he really likes and would love to paint. I have an idea I'd love to try painting too. We actually have a few set aside now for us both to paint. More to share once we complete that project.

It's great we also get to adjust the sizes of what is printed. See above that this figure is quite noticeably larger than the others. You can see it in the background below next to the regular-sized figures. Take a look at the other figures he printed!

More will be posted as we get around to laying them out and taking a lovely full photo of them. What else do you think he should try printing? Send us a message and you may see it posted!

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