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Quick Blurb About A New Thai Restaurant: Thai Taste!

Last year we were disappointed at our previous favorite Thai place. They seemed to have forgotten how to make Thai food and it was a complete letdown. The flavor wasn't right....too many bitter herbs and no blend of the usual spice. John ordered it spicy and it was as bland as mine with mild spicy. Actually, tasted as if they forgot anything 'spicy' for either of ours. Our anniversary had a bit of a dip with this sad event last year but we were determined to find a new favorite.

AND WE DID! We are quite pleased with this location! We funnily enough were going to first try them on July 4th....oops holiday and all. I would recommend you stop by and give them a try. Pick out your regular favorite and compare or try something completely new during their lunch period to save some money on a new experience.

Where are they located?

5069 N Academy Blvd,

Colorado Springs, CO

80918, United States

They are a somewhat small business with not very much sitting room. We typically take our food to go and it tasted great almost 20mins later when we finally got to sit down and eat. We went during lunchtime but I had to get my usual: Pad See Ew. Flat noodles with beef and broccoli. Perfect combination. John got Pad Thai and really enjoyed it. He wanted it hot and their level of spiciness that they added was actually perfect for what he wanted. On top of that, we both got an order of rice and some egg rolls! It was enough and lasted well as leftovers that we finished for dinner later that day.

I'm already eager to go again and try a dessert of theirs!

Oh...we would've posted photos of what we ate but we were so hungry and it smelled so delicious that we ate it all. lol We will try again for either my birthday or for our anniversary. Though we recommend it would be better for you to swing by and taste test it for yourself!


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