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Officially a YEAR With Our Baby Sherlock!

You may have seen pictures of our furry baby Sherlock. Well, today celebrates the day we first picked her up! So a year ago John had told me he was hoping to get me a cat for my birthday since we had cleaned up the house and had felt a bit down after being locked in for so long. (Thanks a lot pandemic and lockdown but HELLO adorable furbaby!) I love cats and always want to have one around to love and adore.


We kept looking around online to see if anyone was giving away a cat within the specific breeds we were looking for. We wanted to look for the breeds that were the most hypoallergenic and it took us about a month before we had a hit. At first, we started plans for a different cat: a Sphynx. However, after a day or two, we realized we had encountered a scam and that cat may not even exist. We were both really disappointed not having found one. Because we were in lockdown, most places to adopt cats were closed and for some reason, not many people online were giving the breeds we were looking for away.

I believe it was only a few days later John had found someone on Craigslist trying to get rid of a cat and had to be picked up that day or she would go to the pound the following day. Our car was at risk and needed to be taken in, but it was worth the two-hour drive to pick her up and bring her back. She was TINY when we got her but was three years old! So adorable and within a few months she began to fluff up looking more her age. But her personality is what won us over. She also seemed to thrive and enjoy a lifestyle that fits ours as well. Here are images of her because we couldn't stop taking pictures of her!

On our first day with her, she did hide most of the day under the bed. She would occasionally walk around the home carefully and respectfully inspecting everything. When we fed her, she would take a few bites and go back to investigating before taking another break for a few more bites. Then she would hide under the bed again. The second day she came to sit with us on the bed for an hour but then went back under the bed. By the third day, she was on top of the bed more than under the bed. She seemed much more comfortable being around and started to find spots she liked. Since John lays back a bit when he games, she would snuggle up in the crook of his arm and fall asleep. She still does this! We enjoy watching her and learning more about her preferences. She can be very particular on things such as she wants to be pet a certain amount of time or she will try to bite you. She's gotten better to where it's more of a playing tactic until you bug her enough. She'll press her teeth gently into your flesh so you know it's there but it's very light, not even leaving a mark. If you keep pushing her, she'll bite a little harder and start using her paws. She'll also huff at you to let you know she's upset before she gets to her angry phase. At that point, you would want to let her have some time alone and within an hour or so she'll wander over and nap nearby you.

Also to think! She has moved FIVE times with us the past year! We wanted to create a happy and stable home for her but life took us on a wild ride. She's been with us and will always stay with us no matter where we go! There have been some plans we have changed just because we would have had to leave her behind. No. Never. Either she goes with us or we don't go. Simple. We do spoil her but she has brought us so much joy with just her existence that we couldn't imagine our life without her. It's worth what we put into taking care of her. <3 She is my emotional support animal that brings me such happiness and joy, every time I watch her. Even her sleeping and just swishing a tail overflows me with love for her.

We love you little one! Thank you for being an amazing companion during our stressful and very eventful life! We absolutely ADORE YOU! <3 Happy 4th Birthday and we look forward to many many more years with you!

If you wish to see more pictures or videos of her being adorable, check our her Instagram page: @Sheerluck.Sherlock

We may put up a page just about her down the line!


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