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Our New Life Plan

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

We don't adapt quickly and want to be able to enjoy and become comfortable in a new culture. So why not stay by the month?

Haven't we all imagined of exploring new lands or discovering amazing treasures? Or haven't we at least dreamed of our dream home? We tend didn't think it would be possible only three years ago but now our plans seem definitely possible. Our goal is to find a home that we are happy to stay in for at least the next 10 years. When we travel, where would we collect our lovely findings? But we also want to travel and have enough time to get the feel of a new location. After moving quite a bit together as a couple (which we despised doing), we finally adapted to the lifestyle of not having much with you and living minimally. However, as autistics we have a different level of 'minimal' than others may have. We are very particular in some areas that must be adjusted to. How would we be able to change our environment to adjust to our level of 'minimalism' yet still be living on less than what we had to pay in the United States?

Why not stay a month to learn more about the culture, economics, government, market, nature and more while giving us time to adapt?

So we are going to stay at locations by the month to get some time to delve deeper into various local topics and work on our own health that requires constant attention.

Mix Our Creativity and Curiosity

We have a lot of knowledge and enjoy discovering the world around us. Why not share it with others who just want new ideas and topics to explore? Most of our energy is in discovering and researching, we aren't able to go further with what we find as our attention jumps to something else. We also hope that what we learn and share can help others in their life whether some practical life hack to something fascinating that makes your day. We hope to hear your thoughts on the matter as well!





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