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Memories of Ecuador: Chimichurry Restaurant & Grill

This post we should have up a while ago since this was from our trip in October 2020. Our plans didn't quite go as planned and recovery took at least a week after we finally settled in. We have to mention it now: Chimichurry Restaurant & Grill located at Ciudadela Vernaza Norte Mz 7 Villa 17, Guayaquil 090112, Ecuador. At first, we didn't quite know what Chimichurry was until we bought the seasoning sauce at a local market. Let me say, that this flavor is delicious and has been a great addition to many of our meals!

Unfortunately, I overburdened myself with too many plans and this story fell through the cracks. I didn't write down the information and now it has been so long ago that I have totally forgotten. So, from what I can remember...this meal was cheap! We ate here at lunch after hearing about it from Fabrizio, our cab driver and the son of the hotel owner for the place we were staying at. He was very kind and hospitable. We both felt a little rude wanting to just get to the room and rest. We had been high strung for over 16hrs and were ready to unwind a little. He took us to a slight detour where we got to see where the famous lizard tree stood. It was dark, around if not after midnight at that time.

He was nice so we went to his restaurant the next day. We had Chicken and rice with a light salad on the side. I think the soup was...drat I keep thinking it was between a Gazpacho and Minestrone but it is neither. It was pretty good. The drink was I think fresh apple juice.

Below was what we had for dinner that day as well. We were exhausted and we wanted food. We didn't want to travel far so we took what energy we had and got our necessities before grabbing some food and resting at home. For this meal, we got some delicious beef, rice, and beans! Rice and beans became quite a staple for us in Ecuador. Cost I think was about $6 or $7 for both of us? We also got Coke which bumped up the price a bit.

I meant to collect and remember more information about this. There was too much going on and I can only plan ahead for so many things. We used this as a learning experience to make sure to write down our daily info every night before bed (well, as much as we can remember by that point!).

We do recommend you try out his lovely restaurant. They were very kind and their food was delicious! We hope that you genuinely enjoy Ecuador and make some amazing memories.




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